Monday, 15 November 2010

Music Break [...with Velma Kelly and Matron Mama Morton]

I hope that whoever directs the Oscars next year doesn’t take any tips from Adam Shankman. It’s not that the ceremony was atrocious, it was just underwhelming and months after the fact I still can’t believe had the gall to cut the live performances of the nominated songs. I’m certain seeing Marion Cotillard and Anika Noni Rose live would have made up for the otherwise dull ceremony. And to think, if all of the show’s directors were like him we’d never had had a moment like this in 2003.

That’s kind of brilliant, no?


Jose said...

If they rob me the chance of watching Gwyneth performs on the Oscars there's no words for what I'll do to the producers.
Shankman is a total douche bag he better stay away from the telecast. He took out the song but had time for that shitty interpretative dances for the score nominees WTF?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

jose hold your horses. we don't even know if the song is going to get nominated. i think we can all collectively agree that the music branch of the AMPAS have serious issues.

Anonymous said...

I love this as such a massive Chicago fan. And of course massive Catherine Zeta Jones fan :-)