Thursday, 25 November 2010

Accio Links

I’ll be churning out my review of the latest instalment in the never ending (I wish) Harry Potter series. I have no shame in admitting that I’m absolutely smitten with the Potter World even if the films are only fractionally as an entertaining as their literary counterparts. I can’t remember the last time the blogosphere was flooded with so many reviews of a single film in a while: just in my neck of the woods I’ve gotten word from
I haven’t actually read most of these posts, I’m saving it for when my review’s done then I’ll sit down and read them all back to back (to back). I did that with An Education when I rewatched it, and it was fun. Here are thoughts from Yojimbo, Ruth, Marshall, Univarn, The Mad Hatter and Lady Hatter, Joana, Cris, Heather, Rachel and Simon (if I missed yours, it was probably an oversight)
Not that Harry Potter is the only film out at the opening. Any one plan on seeing Burlesque? I’ll probably catch that in the next month but Joe has 22 interesting thoughts on it. Look out for # 20; it’s a winner.

Walter reviews two “chick flicks” You, Again and Morning Glory. I’m not sure I’ll see any, but who knows?

Stephen Sondheim turned 80 this year. If you don’t who that is slap yourself. I’m sort of crazy for guy and he chats about the latest A Little Night Music revival, Glee, and upcoming projects. I love the little tidbit he has about Elaine Stritch. Hilarious.
Which five actors were snubbed their Oscars? I could go on for days, Anna mentions five.

I should have linked this over a week ago, I love this article by Tom on my favourite Woody Allen flick.
Okay, as you were.

PS. Still waiting on your entries for this month of LAMB Casting.


The Mad Hatter said...

On behalf of my missus, thanks for the dual linkage.

MovieNut14 said...

Thanks for the linkage. BTW, I think you mean "actors were snubbed" not "Oscars were snubbed".

Univarn said...

Gracias for the linkage! Can't wait to see your review!

Walter L. Hollmann said...


Love the Sondheim article. I feel like if he likes Glee, I no longer have to feel silly.

TomS said...

Sorry I am so late in my humble gratitude for you mention of my review.
I check your posts almost daily, and am often astonished at your depth and ease of expression.
I always look forward to reading your reviews and comments.