Friday, 8 October 2010

TV Week in Review: 3rd - 7th October

I still owe you a real movie post, bear with me. And ignore the fluctuation length...I just have more to say about some episodes.
Dexter: “My Bad”
I hate starting all my thoughts on Dexter this way, but why is Michael C. Hall so brilliant? Okay...moving on. Obviously Dexter can't be normal and sit down and home, but I don't find the new villain all that interesting, but coming off John Lithgow - that doesn't surprise me. It's going to be really interesting seeing what happens when the climax of the Quinn/Deb/Dexter issue comes, that's something I'm looking forward to. It's probably good that the children aren't staying with him, even though I wish they had. The episode felt very calm, not very explosive but pleasant....well as pleasant as Dexter can get...

Desperate Housewives: “You Must Meet My Wife”
There’s something awry with the construction of “You Must Meet My Wife” and it’s frustrating because I’m not sure what. One thing I’m appreciative about is seeing forward movement, plotwise. And, just like that, in one episode Gaby finds out that her daughter is not hers – biologically, Renee moves to the lane (sign me up for more Vanessa Williams) and Susan gets comfortable – sort of – doing a one woman porn show (okay, not really). Marcia Cross always plays well of Bree’s anal behaviour and it’s going to be nice seeing her get a little dirty with her construction worker. There’s just something the slightest bit disingenuous about that scene in the pool, but I’ll let it ride. It’s weird, though, how Eva Longoria has turned into one of the show’s better performers. She easily takes the episode with her comedic approaches and her “sexomnia”. It’s a shame she’s probably never going to get any significant recognition for her work. The “wife” of the title is of course Paul Young’s virginal (assumedly), thirty-something wife. Perhaps with time that arc will seem less silly, and Lynette constant lack of interest in Tom’s issues seems to be too unoriginal for me to care for. The added complication of Renee being a past flame (unbeknownst to Lynette) is every more

Glee: “Grilled Cheesus”
I guess I figured that any episode of Glee that starts with Mark Salling singing Billy Joel had to be a good one. It seems weird that it’s already been a year since Kurt and Mercedes were making plans to go to the original “Sing-a-Long Sound of Music” (and the whole “Bust Ya Windows” incident) – it’s nice seeing those small efforts at continuity. “Audition” suffered from having too many storylines that that were getting tangled up in each other and “Brittney/Brittany” suffered from too little storylines with little connection, “Grilled Cheesus” gets it right, sort of. On the superficial level Kurt’s crisis with his father seems like the obvious A storyline, interestingly though Finn’s pseudo existential crisis seems just as significant. It’s still a “theme” episode but from the musical diversity to the controlled plot-lines it’s easily the most cohesive episode of the season. I was still not buying the concept sold in the premiere of the club members being one family but episodes like this make it seem realistic. There’s just something very easy about all the members dancing around the room to “Only the Good Die Young” and though its staging is freak-y “Papa Can You Hear Me?” manages to remain a definite line of dry humour despite its poignancy. I don’t think Kurt and Mercedes will ever NOT be my least favourite of the cast, and though I don’t think that this episode was the perfect showcase for Colfer’s talents so many seem to think his efforts were solid, and whenever Amber Riley opens her mouth to sing Mercedes becomes bearable. “Grilled Cheesus” exists like on of those palpable ensemble episodes like “Wheels” or “Journey”, no one seems to be monopolising it though I have to give Cory Monteith extensive props for selling the idea of the Holy Sandwich.

Parenthood: “Date Night”
The more different it becomes from its cinematic predecessor (which I love) the more I end up liking Parenthood. This episode was that sort of episode where everything just coalesces into a perfect encapsulation of why this is a good show. What’s more, I’m back to liking Peter Krause. In fact his and Monica Potter’s arc, though done before, was well executed. It’s interesting watching them against the Erika Christensen / Sam Jaegar marriage, Jaegar once again does a good job with his role. Dax Shepherd is still my least favourite of the siblings but his work this episode was the best I’ve seen him.

30 Rock: “Let's Stay Together”
Hmmm, does it get better? I'm not sure. Will & Grace will forever be the master at incorporating high-profile stars as guests and Queen Latifah's appearance just seemed too bleh. Kenneth's attempt to reapply to the programme was interesting but MacBryer never impresses me over time. Jenna K. still shows she doesn't need big storylines, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't get them. Come ON writer. Tracy Jordan....Sigh. I just loathe this guy. Okay, fine, not loathe but my patience wears thinner with him as each episode airs, his brand of funny is not for me. Alec and Tina hold the fort, but I feel as if Alec got too much to do and Tina got too little. And she was coming off such good work from last week. Sigh.

The Office: “Andy's Play”
Ugh, once again the episode is sorely lacking in Erin. This was a good showcase for Ed Helms who does a good job with the main storyline. I wasn't bowled over by the Michael subplot but Steve Carrell always know how to make ridiculous and over-the-top into funny and even believable. I'm usually fond of Angela and Dwight but I'm not enamoured with the rekindling of their romance, really I did like Angela and Andy even if Erin is a brilliant addition to the show. Sometimes Jenna gets just too anal as Pam; this was one of those episodes. In some ways I just felt that it was trying too hard, but kudos to the writers and Carrell for selling the closing scene. Seeing Michael re-enact scene after scene from Law & Order was just the right amount of crazy and funny.

Grey's Anatomy: “Super Freak”
Hmmm, the last episode was sort of brilliant. This one? Not so much. The patients were interesting, really that spider crawling out of the guy was really weird/gross/interesting/cool. It's interesting watching Sandra Oh play Cristina when she's almost afraid of surgery, but the treatment of that storyline seemed a little vague. Derek's sister is annoying as hell (take her away) and it's annoying that because Callie and Arizona are in romantic bliss or whatever they can't have a salient storyline. Sometimes Grey's comes, and sometimes it goes...this was it sort of going.

Best in Show
Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives
Monica Potter in Parenthood
Cory Monteith in Glee (don't kill me)
Ed Helms in The Office
Michael C. Hall in Dexter 
What did you watch this week?


Jose said...

You watch a lot of TV my friend.
I insist get started on "Modern Family"!

Colleen said...

Glee was pretty much all I saw this week. My daughter was studying for the SAT's so we had to DVR everything and catch up over the weekend. I got to give it to Glee though. I was so impressed with this episode. Religion is such a touchy subject and I loved how they showed different points of view. My dad had a heart attack while I was in high school so it was pretty hard not for me to start bawling when Kurt was singing I Wanna Hold You Hand. One of their better episodes.

Robert said...

I too was impressed with the tasteful handling of such a touchy subject! Very good, very good stuff. Can you believe I'M saying that? Haha! No but seriously, it was a very strong episode.

Ribbed Robes said...

Me a big fan of Jack Spparrow
You don't believe, i have seen 17 times one of his movie "The Pirates Of carrabian".