Friday, 1 October 2010

TV Week in Review (17th – 23rd September)

Is this going to be a regular thing? I don’t know...what with all the TV Memes officially done – thank the Lord – I figure I should try to keep the TV vibrant in the Encore’s World.
Desperate Housewives: “Remember Paul?”
I was actually planning on skipping this, as much as I love Marcia Cross and Vanessa Williams (a lot) I’m not really invested in Desperate Housewives and haven’t been for some time...but I’m glad I decided to watch. I don’t believe Marc Cherry will ever be able to excel at dark humour as much as the first season but it was a satisfying opener. The unbelievably sinister Paul Young returns to the show with the similarly creepy Felicia Tilman, and that’s just the beginning. From Vanessa Williams banter with Felicity Huffman, (who I’ve been least impressed with as of late) to Susan doing housework in lingerie for a business venture the comedy portion was well executed. It sure will be interesting seeing what happens with the Solis family and their secrets and Paul Young’s return signals a host of crazy mystery on Wisteria Lane, as per usual. I’d have to single out Ricardo Chavira for good work, the subplot wasn’t overly dramatic but he really sold me on his skills and Marcia was great as usual, and think I’ll enjoy Bree going wild. Hopefully, the season holds up as well – I may actually check back for the next episode...

Dexter: “My Bad”
It's anyone's guess where Dexter, the show and the man, will head now with the death of Rita but the premiere was well played. Not astounding, but excellent in its own quietness. Michael C. Hall continues to shine as the eponymous character and his slowburning grief was chilling to watch in its own weird way (good grief, that freakout at the end!). It's interesting to watch how Rita's death has affected the characters, and then the ways it hasn't. I'm sometimes unimpressed with Jennifer Carpenter but I liked her contribution this episode, hopefully she keeps it up. (I wasn't the only one getting vague Six Feet Under vibes...was I?)

Glee: “Brittney/Brittany”
Apparently this was Glee’s highest rated episode – viewer-wise, which annoys me. I don’t have a problem with Spears, she’s a force to be reckoned with pop-wise, heck even I’ve been known to hum a song of hers (or two) – but I hate the concept of having one artiste dominate the song selection (unless she’s the world’s most powerful woman) and really, Spears’ songs don’t lend themselves to artistic interpretation – the lyrics aren’t especially profound, so an entire episode of her just seemed a little weird. I’m confused, why would the boys want to do Brittany – they had such issues with Gaga and Madonna, especially Puck? Speaking of which, is Mark Salling still a series regular? I can’t even remember him having a line this episode? WTF!!! (Well, neither did Amber Riley...but that didn’t bother me.) Okay, on to the actual episode though, Brittney sounds like Brittany (scary) but dances even better, Jayma Mays returns (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY) and is still awesome - and looking even more lovely, Finn/Rachel are cute in a vomit inducing way – but I’ll live; and Teri Schuester returns with a freakish haircut and way too little for Jessalyn Gilsig to do. Morris shows us her goods, but Matthew Morrison oddly steals the episode – and that entire “Toxic” number (best number of the episode) and the Britney Spears sex riot had to be the funniest thing of the week. And really, every time Jane and Matt share the screen it’s just too good....Looking at the standout portions, it was a fairly good episode, but when bad things like no Puck and Tina or weird things like Artie's stronger happen I can't be sure....I wanted more. (Next week Glee gets religious...I wonder if Quinn’s crazy parents will turn up.)
PS. Why is Naya Rivera so hot?
Parenthood “I'm Cooler Than You Think”
I’m getting into the swing of Parenthood, I’m able to discern the things I like and the things I don’t and overall I’m liking it so far. I feel badly, Peter Krause’s arc bores me the most. Krause is still a good actor, he’s good here – he was good in Six Feet Under but sometimes he’s just really bland. That being said, I’m finally coming around on Monica Potter who really impressed this episode. Dax Shephard, too, is growing on me even if he’s still the least interesting of the four siblings. Lauren Graham and Erika Christensen continue to turn in good work but this episode’s best in show is easily Sam Jaegar, the house-husband routine has been done before but Jaegar’s a strong actor and he works well with Christensen and delivers the goods. I’m not sure I like the two deciding to have another child so easily, but Parenthood is never angsty...and I like that about it.

The Office: “Counseling”
It's weird, I cannot put my finger on it but I loved this episode. Toby has always unnerved me, and I love the dynamic with him and Michael. Their resulting counseling session was easily the highlight of the episode, which is a welcome change since I'm so often sidetracked by the brilliant supporting characters. Carrell still knows to bring the funny, and he does here. Pam and Dwight both had strong sublots (loved Dwight's Beautiful Girl Pretty Woman joke). I don't always love Rainn, but sometimes he's plays it just right and I can't resist. Oddly, this episode was low on Ryan who just might be my favourite person in the show...and then I realised that B.J. Novak wrote the episode - so it all makes sense in the end.
30 Rock: “When It Rains It Pours”
I've become increasingly glib about 30 Rock. The jokes are still, I'm not sure if it's changed drastically since it's debut but I don't feel any great anticipation for this, added to that this episode was sadly low on Jenna, and knowing how much I love Krakowski, that was a bit of a bummer. That being said, Fey and Baldwin show why they're so revered. I'm rarely on board with Tina, the actress, but she's consistently good in this episode, although Baldwin and his baby-tapes steal the episode. I'm not wholly in love with Elizabeth Banks, but when she shines she shines and I really did love her here. I could care less for Tracy Jordan but every time Sherri Shepherd turns up I like him more, so there's that. 
Outstanding Performers
Matthew Morrison for Glee
Sam Jaegar for Parenthood
Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock
Steve Carrell for The Office
Michael C. Hall in Dexter
My mother is unfortunately a fan of Dancing with the Stars - I loathe it, but I still found it interesting (i.e. hilarious) that David Hasselhof got booted in Week 1. That has to be embarrassing? And glancing at the TV this week I have to say that no matter how much I love Baby (no one puts her in a corner) Jennifer Grey comes off as really snarky – perhaps it’s her douche-y partner (who is that annoying blond guy?). It was cool seeing Lacey Schwimmer though, I used to love her on So You Think You Can Dance - and bleaching her hair didn’t make her lose her talent. That show is still abysmal though, just abysmal...I’d give if an F if I cared, just on the principle of it. 
(I missed last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, did anyone watch?)

Throwaway Line
Will: Let's talk about Michael Bolton...
....why did that make me laugh so much?


Robert said...

I was quite happy with Glee, especially since my beloved Brittany and Santana got stuff to do. Oh, and of course, you know how much I love Jayma and Jessalyn (the latter of which was just amazing even in her two seconds of nothing). Haha!

Jose said...

You should be watching "Mlodern Family"! "30 Rock" is still by far the best comedy on TV, I guess now it's just so obvious that people seem to be losing interest in it. I just love it more and more after every single ep.
Who is that hot man with Marcia Cross? I gave up on Housewives but if he's in I might watch now and then.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert really? you were happy with it? hmm, i'm glad, but i still find it weird.

jose don't kill me, but i saw one episode of modern family and it was good but i really don't feel that urge to watch again. (btw, you're hopeless. the guy with marcia cross may or may not be a new flame, he's set to be a recurring character.)