Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Spin-Off, Season One: Episode 4

Other than Cairo Time when was the last time Patricia Clarkson was front and centre in a film? She’s been constantly popping up in movies, with some significant parts here and there but rarely have I seen her anchor a film – and it’s not for a lack of talent. I remember watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona and being strangely interested in Patricia’s bored wife. Depending on you speak to Woody’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona is either horribly bland, placid and different or just horrible. I’d say everyone does a good job, it was some time before I became a complete believer in Penelope’s Marie Elena but I was immediately struck by Patty’s Judy. She seems to be explicitly exist as a character from some other Allen film (Husbands & Wives).
One thing Woody has always been able to do is convince you that his supporting characters are leading players in their own worlds and I could only imagine what the life of Judy must be. Patricia brings such a ridiculous self-absorption to the role that’s sometimes easy to miss. But, more importantly she plays Judy as a desperate housewife but not a pathetic. I’ll probably be a believer in Woody’s talent for life even if he doesn’t all get the ace in the hole. Only recently Burning Reels suggested that Woody turn to his former heroines (Dianne, Diane, Mia) to make a film about the older girls, but I think a prequel on Judy’s apparently tedious marriage could be just as interesting. I probably was one of the few that liked Whatever Works, and Patricia was smashing in it. I’d like to see her tackle Woody again.
What about you? Would you be interested in seeing Patty holding down a Woody film?


Robert said...

Oh my goodness! Yes! The first time I watched VCB, I was most completely interested in Patty Clarkson, even more than Cruz. I thought Clarkson was just so convincing and real and everything else in her teeny tiny role. I'd love to see her hold down a Woody film!

James D. said...

I actually found her to be the weak link in the last two Allen films.

joe burns said...

Liked her character a lot.

Jose said...

I really loved her in "Whatever Works", I even had hopes Woody would take two consecutive ladies to Supporting Oscar glory for the second time in his career.