Wednesday, 6 October 2010

"Not Waving, But Drowning"

I've done it. Yet again, I've descended into that realm where I'm turning into a pseudo-blogger, akin with the mystic-blogger, the ghost blogger and the lazy blogger. Guilty, guilty, guilty and guilty. It's not that I don't have articles to publish (I do, I need to edit them first). It's not that I haven't seen any new movies (I have), and it's not that I don't want to blog (I do) but I'm been insanely busy and I guess that's a legitimate excuse - but I hate to think that because the blog isn't my work I shouldn't be dedicated to it. Speaking of which, I've got a job! I'm working as the editorial intern at De Pulse Magazine which is a Guyanese Magazine that you may probably never read, but still. It's writing, and that means that it should end up helping my blogging skills. It's vaguely weird since my ex-brother-in-law is my boss, but it's all good - he is a good writer.
Sigh, that still doesn't count as real blogging. And I'm feeling really guilty. Ugh, tell me what you want me to blog about....(hopefully, I'll get the time).


Robert said...

No worries, I totally understand...when life gets super busy it can be hard to get the motivation to blog! I'm guilty of it too sometimes...anyway congrats on your new job! It sounds really interesting!

CS said...

Congrats on the new job! It is another thing to add to your already extensive writing portfolio.

I bookmarked the site as I know my wife will be interested in checking it out. She is half-Guyanese, so the magazine would be right up her alley.

Colleen said...

Congrats on the job! I know exactly how you feel. I have three pieces writtien that need editing. I saw The Social Network on Saturday, but didn't finish the review. It is hard to motivate yourself when you have other things. I have a full time job, two teenagers and a never ending pile of laundry. It would be so much easier not to blog. Oh, but I must! I want to know what you thought of the last two Glee episodes? I'm not even a Britney fan, but I seriously want to buy that one on iTunes. Then last night's episode had me balling like a baby!

Alex in Movieland said...

congrats on the job, even though some nepotism was involved :P [kidding].

Nicholas Prigge said...

Congratulations on the job. That's great to hear. ANY job writing is a good job.

Castor said...

Congrats on getting a job Andrew! Sounds like fun :) WE all feel guilty about not blogging every now and then and I'm going through the same phase! I really need to finish those top 25 actors/actresses but keep postponing those lol

Jose said...

Soon you will understand why I disappear for such long periods of time.
When you barely have enough time to shave (I look like Tom Hanks in CastAway at the moment), forget to eat lunch because you have a ton of work, realize you haven't cleaned your room in two weeks and begin to think of dinner at Taco Bell as a major social event, you will know you've succumbed to the work life.
You will know you're an adult.

Other than that congratulations on the new job!

TomS said...

Very best wishes to you Andrew!

You will soon settle into a new routine, and the blog will become a habit again.

Everyone needs a vacation, even bloggers. Helps to fill the pipeline.

I really enjoyed your recent re-visit of "A Touch of Class". Maybe you can do more of those, since the subject of film is dear to you and you write easily and well about it.

Luke said...

Andrew! Jobs! Hooray! It's good to know I have brethren in this realm... I've been terrible too - work will soon (hopefully) engulf my life as well! Great to hear you've found a position - keep us posted on that, maybe??

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

it's a million kinds of wrong that i get all these comments for NOT writing about anything, but i'll take it. thanks for the kind words.

robert yes, yes and thanks.

cs whoa! that last bit of info is cool. glad you bookmarked it.

colleen well you're WAY more busy than i. i should get my thoughts on "grilled cheesus" posted later this week. i liked "audition" generally, liked "brittany/brittney" in parts.

alex maybe you're right ;)

nicholas any job is a good job, but the writing is definitely a plus.

castor i completely get you. i need to wrap up so many features i started. yikes.

jose thank you for that very profound (read: depressing) comment. ha. i'm already feeling it (i have school to juggle with too.

tom aaaw. thanks for the words on touch of class.

luke i will keep you posted.

Ryan T. said...

Yay on the job! Anyways, I get it. At least you still post from time to time. My blog seems to have stopped. October is historically a busy month for me so it's nothing new, but yeah I hear you.