Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Link Me Something Good"

In the wake of my general absence from the blogging world as of late James recent post made me wonder why I'm so wracked with guilt. Have ever felt yourself doing things just because of the blog? Consider James' dilemma.

What do you think of Burton's Sleepy Hollow. I'm a big fan of the 1999 Oscar winner, though I don't think it gets the love it deserves. Heather takes a look back.
For some reason I have no feelings towards Michelle Williams and seeing that I'm not the biggest fan of Marilyn Monroe I have little interest in seeing My Week with Marilyn. Are you interested? Or are you reticent like Jose? Speaking of apathy, I don't care for Cameron Crowe either. I like Jerry Maguire, have no feeling towards Almost Famous. The Kid wrote a brilliant review on Elizabethtown which I've yet to see. I will say I feel badly for Orlando Bloom, I sincerely believe (believed) he could be a good actor, and I'm sure having a doppelganger who's career is blooming isn't helping his non-career.

It seems The Mad Hatter and I  have something in common: a lack of interest in horror films. I'm as bad as he with not seeing many horror films, including the classics. How many on his list have you seen?

Darren takes a look at the decade old Oscar winner Gladiator. It wasn't my favourite film of the year, not even top 5 but I have a vague inclination towards it. What say you?
I reviewed The Greatest ages ago, and it seemed that no one else saw it - well now Danny has and he offers up his review. I liked it, even though I thought it was rather faulty but he's kinder.


Jose said...

Awww how can you not be a Marilyn fan Andrew?
I demand you watch "Some Like It Hot" on a loop until you're a convert!

Castor said...

Nice list of links, got some reading to do!