Friday, 24 September 2010

TV This Week: Part 1 (or a lack thereof)

I had a weird week, that was offensively filled devoid of any significant entertainment. I even ended up missing the premiere of The Office (I have to wait until NEXT YEAR for a new Parks & Recreation episode? WTF?) - which is a travesty in my summation (I’ll have to catch it on line, grrrr). The only shows I did manage to catch this week on their actual days were Parenthood, Glee and Undercovers. The last of which I kind of got roped into against my wishes....
I’m not sure what to make of the show, it seems fair but I’m curious as to how long a venture like this can last without becoming a bore. As pilots go, though, it was fairly good. It’s difficult not to pick up on the Mr. & Mrs. Smith vibes going on, but it’s not exactly an issue in big issue. Boris Kodjoe has been a that-guy for years now and I feel good seeing him actually headlining something. I’m not sure I’ll be devoting time to watching Undercovers regularly (I’ve got to choose my battles wisely) – but I may end up catching another episode some day to see where it heads.
(Gugu Mbatha-Raw was a bit of a standout as the wife. Where has she come from?) (B-)

NBC’s under-recognised drama is still charming me. I wonder if it’ll reach Brothers and Sisters with its level of custerf***edness...who knows? Right now it’s doing everything (mostly) right. I still think Peter Krause is a brilliant actor but I felt annoyed with him throughout the entire episode, although that’s probably more his character than his acting. Monica Potter seems considerably less annoying this episode around, which was a definite plus even though she still seems to have the character that’s least developed (or maybe, that’s just me).
In the end Lauren Graham and Erica Christensen continue to be the two performers I end up looking forward to, both delivering on-point performances throughout the episode. They’re both playing characters that play on their previous strengths, and yet they’re not doing carbon copies of previous roles. The family should be called “Sibling-hood” instead of Parenthood though. The sibling/sibling dynamic is much more interesting (and entertaining) than the parental one. But, who cares about semantics when the show’s actually well done? (B/B+)

Glee premiere was as good as could be for a premiere, which was good but not excellent. But I’m picky. They did listen to half of my suggestions...well not that they actually WERE reading the meme but it’s always lovely seeing Naya Rivera get some screentime. She didn’t have that much, but I’ll say she was brilliant with the little she did have. And who doesn’t love a good old catfight? (No, that was not a misogynistic comment.) There’s that potent self-awareness, especially at the beginning with “Glee’s Big Gay Summer” that is always appreciated although (seriously) Chord and Charice made me sort of want to scratch my eyes out. Now we’re getting even less time with people who already need character development. But it’s only the first episode and I’m going to assume all those issues raised will be addressed eventually, but sometimes it seemed there was too much going on, I wished they’d made it two separate episodes or a two hour premiere. (What? There were like five main story arcs?)
Corey Monteith continues hell-bent on making me renege on my initial judgement of his lack of talent. He was probably the most in-form of the males throughout the episode and as usual Jane and Matt’s dynamic always thrills. I’m crazy about Lea and she delivered performance wise (really, “What I Did For Love” seemed to be the only number that was well executed, even if it was weirdly paced and placed) I’m still not loving what the writers are doing with Rachel; but it’s interesting – she is a “controllist” (and every bit as backstabbing as Quinn, incidentally). Jayma Mays was missed, but it’s an effective season opener nonetheless. (And YAY, Cheyenne Jackson...the only new person I’m remotely interested in. Is it weird, I’m expecting Jane Krakowski to pop up now for a duet?) (B/B+)
Ryan went wild with TV this week. His dedication is maddening! Any other TV addicts out there...? Or did you just manage a few shows like me? Any thoughts on Glee, Parenthood?

(Yeah, I said I'd be back until Sunday...but what the hell?)


Ryan T. said...

Dedication... addiction... same difference. I hadn't expected you to link back to me and expose my craziness. But thanks!

I totally agree with you on Rachel's number in the end. While I liked it, I felt it was so totally out of left field for the episode. I hear you about Chord and Charice, but Chord is sort of replacing Matt and Charice is no more until after Sectionals probably. I get what you're saying about Corey though. I think he just has that adorable enthusiasm that makes you sort of forget all of the awkward stuff he has done. Still, a solid if not spectacular opening for such a much-buzzed about show.

Parenthood, like Parks & Rec, are two shows I *will* find time to catch up on. I just haven't so I don't have any thoughts on them other than me wanting to watch them. But as you note, I already have way too many things on my plate. :-)

Ryan T. said...

And I forgot to add I agree about Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She's great. I know her from the limited time she was on Doctor Who.

ruth said...

I wanted to see Undercovers but I had to go to a friend's farewell dinner. I want to see that show succeed because well, seeing two minority actors get the lead in a major show is always great to see. At the same time, I heard from a few people it wasn't well-written and the action was kinda lame. I'd defer judgment until I see it myself. Boris Kodjoe... [le sigh]

Anonymous said...

Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. In questo nulla in vi e 'una buona idea. Mi associo.
Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Ritengo che questa sia un'ottima idea. Sono d'accordo con te.

Jose said...

OMG I didn't even notice Jayma Mays wasn't in that ep! Damn you for boring me so much Glee!
As for other TV, I'm just holding on to the little Mad Men I've got left and obsessing about Gossip Girl big time!