Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Spin-Off, Season One: Episode 3

I have a soft spot for Babel. I know many people consider it to be Crash’s less distinguished foreign cousin, which generally irks me. But I’ve grown out of my initial loathing for Crash and descended into righteous dislike...but I digress. Babel, like so many ensemble dramas there are so many characters to take note of many characters we could spend more time with. I’d single out Adrianna Bazzara as the film’s strongest performer, but my second choice is someone that’s often forgotten – Pitt. I’m still confused as to why Pitt was virtually ignored that year, but then he was also ignored for a brilliant turn in The Assassination of Jesse James (and once again, I’m digressing...)
Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt play the married couple, Richard and Susan Jones. They're a couple with obvious relationship trouble, she gets shot in the neck at the beginning of the film and he spends the duration of the film ensuring that she doesn’t die. Cate and Brad showed us later that they have amazing chemistry (evidence) but I like the idea of them in Babel even if Cate’s role was slight. I’m not sure if the idea of a spin-off (prequel?) that has me interested, after all marriage dramas are nothing inventive at the moment...that being said, what is? It’d be interesting to see them travel that territory again, though.I'd be willing to sit down and watch two hours of Cate and Brad biting each other's head off.
What about you? 


Marcy said...

I love Babel. Much more superior to the terribly lackluster and may I say stupid film, Crash.

I've always thought of Brad Pitt as a pretty boy whose looks are supremely overrated and is in possession of mediocre acting abilities.

But damn, did I think he was excellent in Babel. Fantastic chemistry with Cate Blanchett. Loved the scene when he was on the phone with his son. I would go as far as to say that Pitt's performance in Babel was much better than the year's Best Supporting Actor winner, Alan Arkin's in Little Miss Sunshine. Well, Pitt was certainly robbed of a nomination.

Burning Reels said...

I enjoyed Babel more than most too, although it did over reach at times. For me, the Japanese story was easily the most interesting part.

I thought Matt Dillion was particularly decent in Crash, and one or two others but the script, hype and of course Oscar win do make me resent it more than it probably deserves.

Also, Pitt sure did deserve some love for his Jesse James portrayl.

Danny King said...

"Babel" and "Jesse James" are two films that I've seen pretty recently, and I agree that Pitt is in top form in both of them. I'd say that it's probably the ensemble feel of "Babel" that left him out in the cold - it seemed that the Academy preferred to reward two of the film's less-known performers.

As for "Jesse James," it's tough to say why the Academy went with Affleck over Pitt. Both roles are equally unique. Could it be the same reason: that they preferred to give the nod to a relative unknown over Pitt?

Burning Reels said...

From what I remember, the campaign for Pitt never really got going plus to give him a better chance of being nominated, they placed Affleck into the suporting category, even though it's clearly a co-lead occurance.

Robert said...

I actually just saw Babel yesterday, and I really liked it - it left quite an impact. Brad Pitt was definitely the best in the film, such real emotion that was simply excrutiating to watch. The Japanese story was really interesting, and Adriana Barraza was simply wonderful.