Friday, 3 September 2010

The Judy Garland Show, A Meme (sort of)

Joe asked me to start a meme about Judy. I’m about memed out as it is – so definitely no thirty day memes in the near future for me. but I decided on a one-shot dedicated to Judy.
“Judy Does Drama”
Which dramatic scene of hers sticks in your mind?
“Judy Does Pretty”
Where was she too gorgeous for words?

“Judy Does Singing”
Which number of hers comes to mind first?

“Judy’s Iconic”
Which role has her name stamped over it?
“Judy’s Greatest”
What was her greatest film?
Continue the MEME if you like...

1 comment:

joe burns said...

Yay! I haven't seen Judgment At Nuremberg yet, but I've seen everything else. I think I'd pick The Wizard Of Oz for the role that has her all over it and A Star Is Born for drama. For pretty, no idea, I think a lot of her phtographs are gorgeous . I guess I'd go with Meet Me In St. Louis. Over The Rainbow for the song that comes to mind first, and I think The Wizard Of Oz as her greatest film. How many films of her have you seen? Do you like any of her concert work?