Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Happy Birthday, Genius

Today is the birthday of one of cinema’s geniuses – Elia Kazan. Only recently I read Jose’s article on A Face in the Crowd (one of the Kazan’s I’ve yet to see) and I remembered how brilliant the man is. It’s sometimes easy to forget because he’s not very popular – what with the whole Arthur Miller controversy and all, which I touched on when I reviewed On the Waterfront. I still think he’s brilliant, though and god knows cinema wouldn’t be the same without.
Can you imagine being a movie lover without having these performances to fall back on?

Me neither. Elia Kazan=genius.
Which Kazan flick would you rewatch to celebrate his birthday?


Alex Ramon said...

I'd go for a STREETCAR + BABY DOLL double-bill.

Twister said...

It is hard to imagine a world of film without Brando's two best performances, Leigh's shining tour de force, Holm's radiant Anne, etc.

But any one who can gives us perfection like Streetcar and Waterfront must be a genius...

I'm going to try my best to watch A Streetcar Named Desire today in celebration!

Marcy said...

East of Eden would be my choice, followed closely by A Streetcar Named Desire.

It must have been a grand opportunity to be an actor and work with Kazan.