Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 9: Favourite Kurt / Mercedes Moment

I could easily choose something like their duets in “The Power of Madonna”, good indeed, but I like Kurt and Mercedes best when they take me by surprise and steal a moment with there weird antics. When Puck is singing “Sweet Coraline” that random moment of them touching hands always makes me laugh. I’m not sure if it’s Kurt and Mercedes or Amber and Chris, but it’s sweet. 
But the most brilliant random moment is one that always seems to be missed, you need to put on caption to get it completely. It’s the second episode and Kurt and Mercedes are arguing whilst Rachel enters. Kurt’s line, “You look like a Technicolor Zebra.” And Mercedes resultant pout is just so well played. I’ll touch, somewhat, on these two characters later in the meme, and really as good (or bad) as they may be on their own they work well together. It’s actually one of the crowning achievements of Glee. I can’t say if Modern Family does have the superior casting, never saw it, but Glee’s cast has brilliant chemistry – and considering that it’s so huge – that’s something laudable.

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Robert said...

Ahhh! Yes. These two are a couple of my favorites on the show, besides Jane and Jayma. They just bring so much heart to it.