Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 30: Closing Thoughts

So the MEME ends...
I’m kind of glad I guess, but this is easily the easiest month long MEME I had to do (of course, that just means the others were so difficult). Glee’s season premiere is tonight and who knows what Ryan Murphy’s got planned for us. I’m apprehensive about some of the impending changes – apparently they want even more pop music on Glee. And I like contemporary music as much as the next music lover, but I’m a fan of the musical diversity on Glee so I’m not really thrilled if it’s going to turn into Glee does Top 40. Eh, I’ll see what happens....maybe I’ll do a write-up later in the week. I've heard from a writer over at BuddyTV who's seen a screener of the episode - and apparently it's a good one (in case you didn't know, Matt Rutherford - the silent 12th member - has left the show).
At the momentParks & Recreation, Big Love, Burn Notice, Dexter, The Closer and The Office are all fighting with Glee for my favourite show and Parks & Recreation is winning at the moment (Poehler and Offerman are indisputably irresistible) and it's definitely the show I'm looking forward to most this season. But I’m loving my small share of television at the moment. I have a feeling I won’t be revelling in too many new shows (not for this half of the season at least) but hopefully this season of television shall be good. Here’s to next year’s Emmy’s.
Okay, describe Glee in three words. Me first: crazy. Hmmm, that’s just one. Irrevent, crazy, fun. Your turn.
(Anyone else planning on watching the Premiere? What shows are you looking forward to?)


Rachel said...

I'll probably watch the season premiere tomorrow, since any t.v. before 8:00 pm is impossible in my house. I just watched all the first season in less than a week and am geared up for all new episodes.

Other than that the only returning show I'm really looking forward to is season 5 of Dexter. I also can't wait for the new AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead.

Robert said...

You know how much I like to hate on Glee but I really cannot wait until the premier. I do sort of...uh...love it sometimes. Haha.

Great meme! I loved reading it.

Ryan T. said...

Of course I can't wait for Glee. I hope they don't get the success of the show to their heads though. We'll see how they handle their new found fame/success.

As for me, the other comedy shows that premiered last year are my most anticipated returns (Community, Modern Family, Cougar Town).

The only reason Parks & Recs is not on my list is because I haven't watched it! Once I catch up, I'm sure it'll be one of my favorites!

Colleen said...

I just finished the premiere and it was awesome! Britney Spears episode next week! Dang, my family is never getting dinner on Tuesday nights!

Rachel A. Dozier said...

What did you think about the premiere?? I thought it was really good. I'm glad that the Filipino girl isn't going to be in New Directions. I don't think I'd have liked the group dynamic. SOOO happy about the Asian love between Tina and Mike! Still don't like the relationship between Rachel and Finn. I wish Sue and Will had been allied longer. I MISS KEN! Let me know your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

rachel always psyched to see another dexter fan.

robert glad you actually enjoyed reading it. i'm glad for your scepticism of glee, it's necessary at times.

ryan and i have to wait soooooo long for parks & rec to return. grrr.

colleen ha, well it's a sacrifice worth making ;)

rachel that filipino kind of bored me. my random thoughts are up and posted.