Saturday, 18 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 27: Idea for a Glee Episode

I’m kind of blanking on this because I have no idea what the writers are going to be doing with the characters in the new season. There were a number of unanswered questions that should be resolved. In my wake of finally not finding Corey Monteith’s Finn to be a tedious chore to watch (yes, he’s tolerable even entertaining now) there was the big blow-up in “Theatricality” which was well played by all involved. It’s a bit unfortunate that Finn ended up facing the brunt of the punishment, though. As wrong as he was I don’t think Kurt’s previous over-exertions towards Finn make him blameless in the whole fiasco. Finn’s discomfort is logical, in its own “finnocentric” way. That right there is an entire arc at least, Kurt seems to get a free pass for his nastiness because he's gay. 
And what about Puck and Finn and Shelby? Does he know that she’s adopted the baby? That’s another arc to work on. I could make up a slew of random stuff because I’ve noticed that though they’re always in a room together I’ve never seen some of the Gleeks talking. An episode where Rachel and Tina have a conversation, or Puck and Artie (they both play the guitar), or Finn and Brittney (they’d have some of the cutest and most stupid children).
And the Glee Meme draws to a close...


Rachel said...

I agree that it was wrong to make Finn look like such a bad guy when he had to move in with Kurt.

It was really unfair to Finn to make him move into a place he felt uncomfortable being. Getting over his homophobia is one thing, but forcing him to share a room with a guy who is in love with him is just unfair. What if Kurt were a girl making her feelings for Finn that obvious? No one would've blamed Finn for his outburst.

And yet Finn was made to look like the bad guy who had to apologize in the end. Seems very unbalanced.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

rachel well said there. i completely got what they were going for, and they were both wrong (well burt's speech was kind of spot on) but i don't think the 'rents know how crazy kurt is. but yes, if it was a girl they wouldn't be forced to room. who knows, maybe they'll address that....hopefully.

Anonymous said...

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