Friday, 17 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 26: Something That Should Have Happened

Glee has a moderate issue with chronology and continuity. One of the most hilarious bits was the fluctuation of Quinn’s baby bump which went from flat to slight to invisible to incessantly protruding all the way from the seventh episode all the way to the end. But that’s not really something that’s particularly important. The biggest things that Glee sort of glossed over was in relation to that entire baby-drama. 
The thirteenth episode ends with Finn and Puck apparently parting ways as friends, and the fourteenth episode picks up with them still not talking. Then we go through the majority of the back nine with them having no interaction until “Theatricality” where they seem to be fine with performing the Kiss number together and then the weirdest of things their faux reconciliation in “Funk”. I know me and Finn aren’t talking for some reason...” has to be one of the most unintentionally funny lines (seriously, is Puck THAT stupid?) but the episode ends up with the two performing “Good Vibrations” (a very fun number actually) and after that it seems the entire arc of the baby drama affecting their friendship disappears. That makes absolutely no sense. Sure, Glee’s charm is in its complete lack of attention to realism but it really makes no sense that didn’t turn into a significant arc (are Quinn and Finn talking?)
I suppose in Season 2 that will all just be old news, so there’d be no reason to address it, but at least a conversation concerning their off-and-on friendship would be good. It would seem disingenious for them to continue as friends in the new season as if the entire baby drama (I refuse to call it "Baby-Gate") never happened. I mean, angsty relationship drama isn’t the only things teens have to worry about; friendship warrants a salient plot arc too.
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joe burns said...

Agree- I personally hated the baby drama, but I suppose it was more interesting then them just being in a love triangle all the time and that would be all they did....

In terms of time though, Rachel-Jesse is MUCH worse!