Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 24: A Character I Want More Of

The Glee MEME continues.
Jessalyn Gilsig does good work despite having a character that seems severely underwritten at times, but I’m not sure where the writers can take her (on the show, at least)
But to be honest, I don’t think I consciously wish for more from any character than Puck – well at least it was him for the most part. And then I started realising how brilliant Naya Rivera is and now I’m hoping that Santana gets more to do. It’s weird, the two characters have the strangest relationship. They’ve dated, they’re both second-in-command (or were) to Quinn and Finn but they rarely interact. Well, that’s not true. Whenever Puck gets a new girlfriend Santana gets freakishly crazy. The only time I remember the two having any significant interaction was at the beginning of “Laryngitis” and they work well together. Of course, that doesn’t say much – everyone on Glee seems to work well with their cast members. I’m not sure I want to see Glee descend into mindless relationship drama (like how One Tree Hill is just a loathsome and vile contraption now) and I’m not sure where Quinn and Puck will go, what with their declarations of love and whatnot – but I’d like to see more scenes with Rivera and Salling (I mean, I’m ultimately given up on that other
pairing getting any love).


anahita said...

I really wanna see more, and hear more, from Tina. she's such an underdeveloped character.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ana i wouldn't mind seeing more of tina either. jenna is lovely and i liked her vampire craziness in the "theatricality" episode.

Robert said...

We both agree about Gilsig, and I too would love to see more from Salling and Rivera. They're both great. I think I'd also like to see more from Dianna Agron - I feel like she does some really wonderful stuff with her underwritten character.