Thursday, 9 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 18: Least Favourite Character

I considered the twelve main cast members and then added in Santana and Brittney. I stopped at Kurt for some time. Colfer does a good job, but so often Kurt’s nastiness is just infuriating – though when he’s tempered he’s hilarious. I didn’t have to go much further to find someone, I looked to Kurts BFF on Mercedes Jones. Amber Riley seems like a lovely person in interviews, so it’s not her that I dislike – it’s either the way she plays Mercedes, the writing, or both. Each of the New Directions, and perhaps even the adults, has issues with being spoilt. They hate NOT getting their way, but Mercedes always annoys me the most. Yes, I feel something almost akin to sympathy when she gets her story arcs but it’s never sentient and usually I’m just waiting for someone else to come on screen.
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joe burns said...

She's defintely not my least..... my least favorite is Emma, but more on that later...