Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 17: Least Favourite Episode

More on the Glee Meme. Heading into dangerous territory, maybe.
I considered “Acafellas”, I loved Morrison’s singing and I even liked the Acafella shows but I didn’t like the episode. But last week, while rewatching “Ballad” with a friend (who LOVES this episode) I realised how much I hated it. The thing I liked most was Rachel and Will and I didn’t love it that much. Really, little about “Ballad” entices me.
It’s the tenth episode of the series and they pair off into duos to sing ballads. That’s one oof the things that annoys me from the get-go. There’s a wealth of possibility there (Artie and Quinn team up as do Tina and the other Asian) but only the three quasi leads sing (Michele, Morrison, Monteith). Sure, “You’re Having My Baby” is a great song, and sure Dianna Agron can sell the weirdest emotional bits and yes Finn’s mother’s reaction to the pregnancy is golden BUT the episode is plagued with so much that seems glib, and then there are the parts I hate like Mercedes horrid advice that it falls at the bottom of the spectrum. It’s still not a horrible episode, it’s a B- (even B in some parts) but it doesn’t make me happy like Glee usually does. 
And all of ballads to end with – “Lean On Me”? Eh, pass.
Did you dislike Ballad? Which episode was worst for you?


Ryan T. said...

Great Glee meme BTW. I haven't been commenting as much as I should, but I've been reading them all!

Interesting take on Ballad. I don't disagree. I'd probably still put Acafellas and Funk ahead of it as "episodes I disliked" though.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

that Lean on Me finale was effing trite. But Finn's mum: goosebumps!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan aaaaaaaaw. thanks. hee, i like "funk" - it's probably in my top ten but yeah, "acafellas" - it's not BAD but it's just kind of eh.

walter trite indeed, but finn's mom is kind of epic. she's a very good actress.

anahita said...

a lot of glee episodes are quite lame, but I somehow love them anyway - I think 'cos it's so ott and ridiculous you can just laugh at all of them. gotta admit, I wasn't a massive fan of acafellas x