Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 16: Favourite Episode

There seems to be the never ending Glee argument as to which part of the season was the superior. Half of the fans hate the back-9 with a stringent loathing and the other half are devoted to it. Incidentally, my top two would be a toss-up between “Dream On” and “Wheels” and really, it’s weird how despite me not being the biggest Artie fan the episodes I like the most (one from the front-13 and one from the back-9) turn out to be the ones that are Artie centred. If forced I’ll decide on Wheels just because, perhaps, it’s the most conscientiously constructed.
Coming down to the end of the MEME I’ll address the issues I have with Glee – I’m not blinded by nepotism. True, Jayma Mays and Jessalyn Gilsig are missing from the episode and even though I’m not the biggest fan of Sue’s arc with her sister “Wheels” work in a way that makes it – arguably – one of my five favourite episodes of ANY show last season (throwing in an episode a piece from Dexter, The Office, The Closer and Parks & Recreation). It’s weird because can’t I put my hand on anything distinctively brilliant – or different – about “Wheels”. The music is fine, but not outstanding – as much as I appreciate Wicked I’ve never been a big fan of “Defying Gravity”. I like the character development of characters I like – Puck, and ones I never considered before – Artie. 
I like when Glee gets inspirational without being schmaltzy and though the poignancy of “Dream On”, the honest hilarity of “Mash-Up” and the varied storyline of “Theatricality” come close behind there are things about each of those three episodes that I explicitly dislike. The only thing I can think to dislike about “Wheels” was that it should have been longer – and that’s not a legitimate complaint.


joe burns said...

It was a very good episode. I'll catch up soon!

Colleen said...

What's funny about the appeal of Glee is that I hate all that showtunes, jazz hands stuff. Yet for some reason Glee touches this part of me and makes me nostalgic and happy and sad all at once. They have great taste in the old songs they choose and I agree that the Artie episodes are some of the best. BTW, is your favorite Parks & Rec episode the one with DJ Roomba?

watch glee season 2 online said...

It looks funny to me. I like kurt from the show. he is so shy.. love this show.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

joe looking forward to that.

colleen hee, i like showtunes. well, some. my favourite parks and rec episode was "the hunting trip".

watch glee... er, thanks.