Monday, 6 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 15: A Couple to ‘Ship for

or perhaps not…
This is a pipe dream and it comes about because Mark and Lea are my favourite on the show. Truly, BEFORE “Mash-Up” there was no way I’d imagine them talking to each other, let alone carrying on a relationship – even if it was for all of three days. And yet, it worked brilliantly – it really did make sense. Puck is such an emotional recluse and Rachel is such an officious psycho (in a good way) that they complement each other. I liked their reunion, of sorts, in “Bad Reputation” because it even touched on that. They both have serious issues they need to work, and they’re both regarded (in the Glee world, and the real world) by their faults. Really, I know this is never happening and it doesn’t make me lament or anything, Glee’s highpoint for me is not romanticism. Still, something Glee suffers with at times is continuity and other than when they are together it’s like they REALLY don’t know each other. They have their one episode hook up, touch on it in a semi-reunion eight episodes later and other than that they have no commuincation. I remember one time where they actually spoke other than those episodes and it was one weird line in “Funk”. I’d like to see them go somewhere, perhaps not a romantic ‘ship but friends. I don’t want Puck soiling the reputation of ANOTHER one of Finn’s women. That’s just too pedestrian. Still, I’d like to see them have a friendship of sorts – imagine the duets they could sing (Barbra and Neil Diamond? Jewish Power!) - come on, they're amazing!
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