Saturday, 4 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 13: A Tear-Jerker Moment

The Glee MEME gets personal.
Honestly, I’ve turned into a huge cry-baby at the movies (and TV) recently. I think all the years of ignoring my morality and are finally catching up with me. Sigh. Honestly, I sort of had a heavy heart throughout the back half of “Dream On”. Maybe it was Josh Whedon’s brilliant directing – where the f*** was his Emmy nod? WTF? I digress…I don’t think anyone could not lose the message there, it was honed it, but it wasn’t clichéd. Everyone’s got that dream, and we all won’t see them come true. I know people hate how Glee tends to end with some nice ribbon on top to close the episodes with, but I kind of like that. The thing is, the ribbon isn’t always pleasant especially here. “Dream On” has Neil Patrick Harris being brilliantly funny but it sears in the quieter moments like Idina and Lea teaming up for a number from “Les Miz” or Jenna and Harry tapping and Artie singing “Dream A Little Dream”. It’s all most profound and it’s not just manipulatively sad…but it’s oh so poignant (even if Mark and Dianna get one line each. Ugh.)
And then of course, there’s the finale. Emma’s odd confrontation with Figgins was so bizarre and yet fitting. Glee’s always good at the teacher / student dynamic (even if Will will always continue his nepotism for Finn) and “To Sir, With Love” was just that moving (Santana crying was very WTF – in a good way) – even Sue was moved. And she’s Ajax!
Has Glee ever hit you with any emotional bit?

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joe burns said...

I never cry at anything, so this will be hard for me. But good choices though!