Friday, 3 September 2010

Glee Meme, Day 12: A Scene That PISSED Me Off

The Glee MEME continues, and you already know I’m altogether too sympathetic towards Puck. He’s NOT the villain of the Glee Club, or the show for that matter. I hated how allegiances seemed so unfairly made during the BabyGate drama (again, who came up with the name?) He obviously wanted to tell Finn about it, whatever his purposes, but his intentions were curbed by some of the worst advice EVER!
It’s during the “Ballad” episode and Mercedes and company decides everyone’s going to sing for Finn and Quinn, Puck is less than enthused about the state of affairs.
Puck: “Finn gets everything, the sympathy – the girl.”
It’s where we start seeing Puck as a real character, like Santana he’s the second-in-command who craves appreciation – no I’m not over reading this...I don’t think. This leads into his stilted confession of the baby’s paternity leading into Mercedes’ nonsense.
Mercedes: “All right...look! You need to get something through your Mohawk real quick. You’re the baby’s daddy, it takes a hell of a lot more to be a father and that role’s already been cast because Quinn chose Finn. And you need to accept that and move on, ‘cause you have no business messing up that girl’s life anymore than you already have. You need to back off. You owe her at least that much.”
WTF? How on earth is lying to Finn and keeping Quinn’s secret a good thing? Mercedes, Mercedes – you’re an idiot.

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