Friday, 17 September 2010

Flashback: Splash

There’s no love lost between me and Tom Hanks. I’ve said it before; he’s the white version of Denzel Washington – another double Oscar winner that I’m generally apathetic towards. I have a slight prejudice for Hanks’ comedic side and in all its silliness I’m particularly fond of his work in 1984’s forgotten gem Splash. Splash is one of those films that I spent a lot of time re-watching as a child and there’s a large possibility that childhood appreciation has just poured over into young adulthood.
Splash is simple, Allen happens upon a mermaid – Madison. Madison’s mermaid characteristics show up whenever her legs touch water, when they turn to tails and scales. It doesn’t take a genius to know what Splash will end with, even if the “how” might be a slight - slight – surprise. It’s a romantic comedy in the loosest of senses, although it wouldn’t be inapt to call it a fairy tale. True, Splash has a charming screenplay on its side but it’s Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks who turn it into the pseudo-classic it is. I’ve never been greatly appreciative of Hannah’s talent, but she and Hanks are lovely together. Today, I’m balk at the idea of Hanks and Hannah in an actual film together, but 25 years ago they seem brilliant together.
It’s weird, there’s an onslaught slew of romantic comedies that are neither funny or interestingly romantic, Splash is hilarious – veering on melodrama at times, but mostly just hilarious...and really, which comedy is worse off having Eugene Levy and John Candy? None, I tell you; none. I don’t have any significant dislike for the eighties, it’s definitely not my least favourite decade, even though it’s given a bad rep. I think Splash is a good one. It's probably my favourite Ron Howard film.
Es tu?


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Marcy said...

When I was nine or ten, my dad rented Splash from the local video store. He really liked the movie and wanted to show it to me. I thought it was okay. Cute, I guess.

Last year, my film teacher showed it to one of his classes and it seemed like everyone absolutely hated it. I heard the word "stupid" thrown around a lot. I was surprised by the negative reception. Not the teensiest bit funny, no?

Tom Hanks is the first actor I've ever really liked. He is a surprisingly great romantic comedy lead, more so than the typical pretty boys who get offered those movies. Loved him in Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail (I can't emphasize enough how much I ADORE YGM). He has such a likable, natural screen presence that you just want him to be happy in the end.

anahita said...

I have IMMENSE love for tom hanks. I've not seen this, it seems cute!! :) x

Colleen said...

I'm old so I actually saw this in the theater and I loved it so much I went back and saw it again. I've watched it tons of times on video. Hanks is so adorable in this film! I love when he sings "Mr. Mango on my shoulder." He lights up every movie he's in. He even made "Bachelor Party" watchable! The 80's were my teen years so I have alot of love for movies that were released in that decade.

Heather said...

I feel what you are saying about Denzel and Hanks, they probably aren't the best or most diverse actors out there, and while Hanks is super serious man now, and Denzel seems to allows play a good guy on the edge of being bad, their early careers gave them the rights to kinda do that crap now, and either way, I'm forgiving because each of them has a massive charm that they bring to every single role they play, making them unforgettable, for good or bad.

But I digress. THIS Hanks, these years of Hanks are my favorite. The Burbs, Big, Money Pit, and Turner and Hooch, were the Hanks that I so loved and adored, and Splash was no exception to that rule. Such a simply charming and fun movie. I haven't seen it in eons, makes me want to go rent it and give it a re-visit.