Thursday, 26 August 2010

TV Season, 2009/2010: Top Ten Leading Actors, Comedy and Drama

Runners Up (Alpha): Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, Adrien Grenier in Entourage, Hugh Laurie in House, Jared Padalecki in Supernatural, Bill Paxton in Big Love
Eligible Shows (Eligible does not mean featured): 30 Rock, Big Love, Brothers & Sisters, Burn Notice, Californication, The Closer, Community, Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Entourage, Glee, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Law & Order: SVU, Lost, Mad Men, Medium, Monk, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Private Practice, Psych, Royal Pains, Samantha Who, Supernatural, The Tudors, Ugly Betty, Weeds

#10: Joel McHale in Community
as Jeff Winger
He alternates between making me cringe, making me laugh and making me surprised. It was slow burn, but I eventually got sucked in and he knows what he’s doing. Though I must be the only one who didn’t like “Modern Warfare” he was quite excellent in it. He works better when they forget the quasi romantic angst tendency and just let him do his thing as a douche we want to root for.
#9: John Hamm in Mad Men
as Don Draper
I wouldn’t praise his range, I don’t think he’s that diverse (loathed his arc on 30 Rock) but he excels in this role. I still can’t accept Mad Men is a world-wonder (no show on right now gets that accolade). I get too comfortable at times thinking I already know that he’s competent, but then he’ll surprise me. The role was made for him.
#8: David Duchovney in Californication
as Hank Moody
I only caught the last four episodes of the season, and really my interest in the show – for some reason – is waning. Duchovney is still amazing. I’m not sure how he gets nominated for everything BUT the Emmy. The show isn’t that offensive? Is it? He’s not exactly someone to root for, but who cares? He’s doing an excellent job just being brilliant.
#7: Jeffrey Donavan in Burn Notice
as Michael Westen
He’s not as big a star, but he’s up there with James Earle Jones with the memorable voices. Not even Michael C. Hall’s Dexter is as cool. It’s not a straight-up drama (honestly, I think it’s a comedy), so he doesn’t get all emotive or hardcore like other actors get, but he’s consistently good – even brilliant at times.
#6: James Roday in Psych
as Shawn Spencer
One of the best comedic performances that’s being ignored, says me. Psych is ridiculous, Psych is ludicrous and more and James keeps on delivering bits of comedy that are just too funny to be forgotten. He even knows when (and more importantly how) to pull out the dramatic chops.
#5: Steve Carell in The Office
as Michael Scott
Sometimes, it pains me to say, the writers just don’t know what to do with Michael. When they do, it’s brilliant. He works off everyone, he turns Jenna’s key moment into a good time for him and he’s so pathetically dense at times, yet we still root for him. We roll our eyes at his monologues, but we should – the man is hilarious.
#4: Matthew Morrison in Glee
as Will Schuester
How’s this for sacrilege? I know Morrison is the object of loathing for a host of Glee fans, but I can’t reciprocate. His Will is a believable amount of dense, but realistic enough to not be a complete buffoon. He has excellent chemistry with the entire cast (particularly Lynch and Mays) and though he’s probably too young for the role (or are the “children” too old?) he delivers, managing to make those inevitable emotional moments work brilliantly but still being game for silly moments (like that darned “Thong Song”).
#3: Jonathan Rhys Myers in The Tudors
as Henry VIII
The fact that he never earned an Emmy nomination pains me. I think, perhaps, that might have prevented him from seduced by a bald-headed Travolta and starring in drivel. The Tudors doesn’t even count as “regular” TV that unfortunately gets looked down upon. It’s essentially a never ending movie, he’s talented. Pity it’s the end of the series.
#2: Tony Shalhoub in Monk
as Adrian Monk
When people criticise the Emmy’s love for him I’m nonplussed. Couldn’t it be that he’s actually good? I mean – it’s not like he’s in 2½ Men. Granted, the show doesn’t sizzle as much but Shalhoub continues to deliver each week. The finale had me mixed, but his performance? I never doubted it.
#1: Michael C. Hall in Dexter
as Dexter Morgan
For me he’s undeniably the strongest actor on television at the moment. I practically worship the actual show, though I’ll admit that keeping Dexter as a (forgive the use) badass and keeping him “good” is a struggle (sometimes he leans too much to the latter). He makes it work ultimately, though. Gloriously.
Lead Actresses
Supporting Actors
Guest Performers
Which Leading Man ruled the last season in TV for you?


amy said...

Hi, Dexter is my hero. LOL and Trinity was my anti-hero xD

I think the first season of Dexter is pure poetic magic in the most grim kind of way. I literally tell people the first season could be the best season of any show LOL so I was happy to see last season linked to it.

I think House had its good moments from last season, especially on the season opener which pretty much was all Hugh Laurie. The episode worked so well that it pretty much told us, "if we wanted to make a show with just Laurie... we could make it work".

Danny King said...

Yes! Michael C. Hall is so darn good on "Dexter." Can't wait for the fifth season to begin.