Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Spin-off, Season One: Episode 2

It seems each time I start thinking about The Talented Mr. Ripley I get obsessed with writing about it. Watching it yesterday I still think that each member of the main quintet should have walked away with Oscar nominations – but I’m greedy like that. I gave you my pipe dream last week for a prequel about the life of Marjorie Mellor before she became wife to Jack and mother to Jenny and now I’m thinking about another sequel for The Talented Mr. Ripley. As brilliant as Gwyneth Palthrow is (and she really is) I can’t help being interested in Cate’s Meredith Logue whenever she appears on screen and Matt Damon and she have such good chemistry together. Earlier in the week I spoke of the ending and it’s implications for Ripley – a life of loneliness. Yet, what happens after? Does Tom (aka Dickie) ever meet Meredith again? Imagine the sort of film that could be.
Of course, Anthony Minghella is no more – he wrote and directed the actual film, but I’d still like to see Cate and Matt team up for a sequel picking up ten years after the credits rolled. I think Sam Mendes could do a nice job of handling it, even if he’s never done anything quite like that. Who knows what will happen? Perhaps Tom will eventually kill her too, but it’s sort of odd that Cate who seems to work with everybody hasn’t worked with Matt since. Maybe they’d go to another location, who knows? I just know I’d like to see more of Tom Ripley, and the actual book was a series of book so I’m sure there are loads of adventures he could get himself into.
Would you be interested in seeing more of Tom Ripley? Who would you put to direct?


Runs Like A Gay said...

I hate to bring up this disappointing news but Patricia Highsmith's subsequent Ripley novels have already been made with John Malkovich taking the role in 2002's Ripley's Game and Barry Pepper for Ripley Under Ground in 2005.

That said I would love to catch up with Matt's version of the character as this was the only film which tapped into the tortured nature of it's lead character.

Alex in Movieland said...

The Talented Mr. Ripley is a strange case for me. I've seen it at the cinema when I was 13... it was so influential and full of impact. I still love it, but at the same time... man, I haven't seen it since then and I feel it would be like a therapy session :) strange. Maybe I'll allow even 10 MORE years to pass.

Jose said...

The Malkovich movie is terrible though.
I love the fact that Minghella apparently came up with Meredith for the movie and she's not even in the book or something like that.
Cate has never been so fresh as in this role, you can't see her working the character like she has ever since.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

runs like a gay nope, didn't know about that. malkovich sounds horribly wrong for the role, matt really was brilliant.

alex that's a loooooooong time. i say see it now; bite the bullet so to speak.

jose yes, meredith was a lovely addition. and though i LOVE cate, she's really refreshing here (and in bandits - i love her in this register). she tried with indiana jones to be fun, but that was just all wrong.