Wednesday, 4 August 2010

“Oh, Brother”

I previously gave a list of memorable sister / sister pairings. That list was much more fun because cinematic sisters are plentiful. It’s tougher with the men; too many cinematic brothers are not too fond of each other. I don’t have a brother, so I can’t confess to the bond being that deep either. Still, I’d say that the five examples of brotherly love I did come up with were good enough.

Heath Ledger and Matt Damon in The Brothers' Grimm

I like The Brothers' Grimm more than most, no Gilliam apologist I am but I find its weird humour enjoyable. Ledger and Damon realy work as siblings (though it's odd that Damon is the cool one to Ledger's buffoon - there's acting for you).
Omar Sharif and Alec Guinness in Doctor Zhivago
This is an interesting example of brotherly love, since the two actors have few moments together. Yet, the very film we see is propelled by Yevgrav’s quest to find his brother’s child. A brother he spent few moments, if that doesn’t signify a strong bond of filial love, I don’t know what does.

Freddie Highmore, Joe Prospero, Nick Roud and Luke Spill in Finding Neverland
They’re probably too young to give any significant evidence of brotherly love. In a way, they’re like the Bennett sisters – no obvious hints of love, save for their general camaraderie. The casting director should be lauded for finding a group of young boys to work together who were actually believable as a band of brothers.
Marlon Brando and Rod Steiger in On the Waterfront
Yes, yes – I know Terry “coulda been a contender” and it’s all because Charlie sold him out, but what’s better than a distempered relationship between siblings is seeing that argument resolved. Charlie realises his mistakes and sacrifices himself for the good of his brother. Yes, he was guilty – but that doesn’t make his decision any less noble, or his love for his brother any less admirable.

Brad Renfro and David Speck in The Client
Confession: I love this film. Susan Sarandon is all sorts of awesome in it, but I digress. Two brothers see a man get killed, the younger one goes into a catatonic state and the older gets into a bucket load of trouble when the wrong people realise he may know too much. Perhaps it’s because this was one of the earlier novels I read, or because I generally like John Grisham but this pairing always strikes me as the ultimate brotherhood connection (even though they're children).
That was ridiculously tough. I'm probably blanking on an obvious choice...what positive brotherly incarnations have we had on screen?


MovieNut14 said...

Adaptation? The Godfather Part II?

Simon said...

Fine choices. I really didn't like The Brothers Grimm, though.

rtm said...

I like The Client, great thriller! Y'know I was impressed with Brad Renfro, too bad that kid died way too young. He reminds me a bit of River Phoenix, who shared the same fate sadly. I'm with Simon about BrothersGrimm, what a waste of talent... I guess it lives up to its name :(

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

movie nut those brothers hardly had ideal relationships. or maybe my brain is turning to mush...

simon you and half the world...and...

rtm i'm so glad you like the client renfro's death is really a sad one "a coulda been".