Thursday, 5 August 2010

Movie Meme, Day 5: A Movie I Loathe

Only one?No, one's enough... I don’t like writing pans of films, which is why I’m more likely to wax on about a film I like than about a film I hate. I wrote that post on my least favourite films of the decade and that was bad enough.
It’s too easy to bring up a horrible movie here, instead I’ll opt for a movie that I don’t find very good (I’d give it a D, maybe even a C-) and one that I loathe for personal reasons….it stars Orson Welles. No it’s not Citizen Kane (even I still find How Green Was My Valley better, kill me I know).
Excuse the digressions. I love Shakespeare, I started reading him when I was thirteen and I was lucky enough to study “Macbeth” two years later – then I saw the Orson Welles film version. Yikes. Without a doubt it ranks as my least favourite cinematic encounter. Shakespeare is difficult to adapt to screen – even the good ones have obvious reality issues, but Macbeth, for me, lies in a league of its own. Perhaps it’s because I internalised it (what can I say, I was a neurotic student), or because it was one of the plays we put on for school but I was so indignant after seeing the film. It just struck me as offensively inadequate, and considering that I wouldn’t rank it in Shakespeare’s top ten that goes to show how little I like this movie.
I’ve come to realise what Welles was aiming for in his production, but I’ve never been able to appreciate the film. I see it and the old embers of hate burn brightly. I’ve always been more than a little overwrought. I still loathe Macbeth
Did you skip it…did you like it?
The MEME is going well. Shocker.


Aaron Weiss said...

May I recommend Roman Polanski's Macbeth? It's much more brutal and darker (first film after Tate's murder).

Mike Lippert said...

Yes Macbeth is the unsung gem in Polanski's career. Haven't seen this one and although I don't think it's better, I love How Green was my Valley as well.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

okay then gentleman. i guess i should try to get in on that. i saw a taped version of a judi dench / ian mckellen version. that was pure brilliance (especially acting wise).

Yojimbo_5 said...

I love "How Green Was My Valley," as well.

"Citizen Kane" still kicks its ass.

Yeah, see, I'm a Welles acolyte and apologist (I think he got the shaft more than he gave), I'm not a fan of Pauline Kael, and I, at least see what he was trying to accomplish, even if the film strains comprehension. That's me.

The key to "MacBeth" (Welles version) is Republic Studios—the last ditch effort for many film-makers (they made B-westerns, mostly, though Ford did them a couple of favors). The fakery, post-sync, and cardboard crowns be-speak little budget, but enormous brio—typical Welles.

And regarding Polanski's MacBeth, I saw it once...that'll do me.

May I suggest Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood?"