Saturday, 28 August 2010

Movie Meme, Day 28: Overhyped

I hate this day in the meme, because really overhyped is a double edged sword. Overhyped by whom? Bloggers? Critics? Awards? I could make a long list of films I’ve never connected to that have been wildly popular with all three.

Memento, Juno, Precious, Michael Clayton. Four films I think are to varying degrees fine or good (all B-s) and each with something to show for them; none of them ever managing to interest me more than in passing. But overhyped? In parts, but not unworthy of praise.

But I had to settle on something, so I settled on one of my least favourite Best Picture wins of all time – incidentally a musical – An American in Paris.
Over time I’ve come to appreciate Gene Kelly more, though I think I’ll always prefer him as a director. Still, An American in Paris is a film that infuriates me whenever I think of it. Owing to its stellar reputation, I – stupidly – spent a lot of money buying a special edition DVD a few years ago. I saw it once and promptly gave it away to a friend. It’s difficult to pinpoint where by dissatisfaction with the legendary musical begins. I’m sure the fact that I care nothing for the characters has something to do with it, perhaps it’s the music which I don’t find memorable at all or perhaps it’s just my weirdness. Perhaps, calling it overhyped is petty but it fits the bill. It’s ridiculously praised and I watch it and am completely flummoxed as to the reason. I’m willing to be schooled though…make an argument for An American in Paris. What makes it so good?


simoncolumb said...

I am getting so much better with all the Best Picture winners - I think I am currently 'all watched' Best Pictures from The Hurt Locker right back to 1980 - Ordinary People... so An American in Paris is yet to come!


joe burns said...

Never seen it.....

Mike Lippert said...

I don't like this movie either. It basically doesn't have an interesting story and then ends with a ballet that is so long and so about nothing with regards to the rest of the movie that you kind of even forget that the rest of the movie happened. Isolate that sequence into a short and you've got something the rest is kind of nothing. Singing in the Rain was far far better.

Fritz said...

I am not crazy about it either but I appreciate more than I did after I saw it the first time. All the technical aspects are wonderful but for me, the characters and the story are too uninteresting to make this movie work.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

simon i can't say i'd recommend it - obviously.

joe you're not missing much :)

mike that penultimate sums it's really nothing and then a ballet sequence. ugh.

fritz it IS pretty to watch, but i don't care enough to keep watching.