Friday, 27 August 2010

Movie Meme, Day 27: Best Villain

The greatest villains are the ones we can empathise with, because when someone has our empathy they can become that more dangerous. There are dozens, scores even, of villains I could ruminate through. Perhaps, if I get overly meticulous, this isn’t my absolute favourite villain. But it shall do.
Before Fatal Attraction Glenn Close was noted for the wholesome women she played. I don’t think Alex is a villain – just slightly deranged and very sad. It’s Glenn’s performance in the next year that reaches iniquitous proportions for me.
Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil is the ultimate machinist of them all. The very film depends on her whims as she does her best to control those around her. I’m a big fan of Dangerous Liaisons (reviewed) and the cast is good – but Glenn always takes it a step further. She’s thoroughly diabolical but she throws us for loops continuously when we think what it like to be a woman of the era. It’s no excuse for her evilness but Glenn’s Marquise so brilliant because she makes us see the why behind the evil. It doesn’t make her less evil, it makes her more so because we can see just how much she’s capable of. It’s anyone’s guess what happens to her after her fall from grace but I’m sure her legend lives on 19th century France. What a woman – what a villain.


Jose said...

Love Glenn in this even if I don't really love the movie.
Is it wrong that sometimes I wish I was like Glenn's characters?
Especially this and Patty Hewes.

joe burns said...

I love this performance.... Another good choice!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

jose not at all. i completely understand what you mean. she may be crazy and villainous, but she's focused and knows what she wants. shit's hot :)

joe i know you do. glad we're on the same page.

Runs Like A Gay said...

An incredible performance from Glenn that lets you in even as you're repulsed by her.

Great choice.