Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Movie Meme, 31: When I Stand Up & Cheer

It’s a nice note to end the meme on. Confession: when I read the challenge the first image that popped into my head was this.
I know, I KNOW! More from Titanic and it’s not even a real moment – yes, but I’m right there cheering on. Well in my mind.

There really are so many moments when I’ve felt that vicarious thrill when cinematic characters finally get their acts together. As much as I love Anne Baxter in All About Eve I can’t resist cheering George Sanders on as his Addison DeWitt has way with her (hitting a woman is wrong, but not when she’s Eve Harrington).

Or how about Kate’s Christina Drayton telling off her racist worker? "Don’t speak just…go!"I find myself ecstatic when Ethan's degenerate of sorts manages to make his getaway at the end of Gattaca or I’ll pretend I’m part of the audience when Will & Viola complete their performance of Romeo & Juliet in Shakespeare in Love. The thing is nothing gets more cheers than brilliant ends and performances…so naturally an ending that IS a performance gets double the cheers. And when it’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaarba? Who can resist?
Yes, that gets a big whoopee from me….and so the MEME ends. Sigh. 

Congrats to Ryan and Jess who MEMED with me, Ruth for weighing in now and then and Ripley, Mike and Anna for doing it all at once. Thank you and goodnight.


joe burns said...

It's over??!!!! Wow, that was fast!

Hey, if you can, can you make up/get a Judy Garland meme? That would be fun!

Jess said...

Rachel at Rachels Reel Reviews and Nick at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob did the whole thing today too. Thanks for the help. Reading yours every day helped me stay motivated. Good luck finishing Glee.