Monday, 23 August 2010

"Loved Getting Wet Just Now": Blogathon

So the weekend has come and gone and I was lucky enough to get some entries for my semi-blogathon chronicling great moments of cinematic rain. I call it semi because I didn't really publicise it, what with internet problems and my general laziness. Still, I've managed to rack up some good entries, many of them unexpected...which I like.
Nicholas examined the rebirth of Rose DeWitt Bukater, when she becomes Rose Dawson as she reaches America. It's a moment in Titanic I love (but then, I love all of it) that often seems forgotten.
Remember the climax of American Beauty in the rain? Marshall covers that one. That's another favourite of mine, Annette walking in the rain always gets to me.
Speaking of Sam Mendes, Castor looks at Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition. That movie is woefully underrated.
Ryan's first choice was Giselle's two moments in the rain in Enchanted. Then he rethought it and decided to cover an important moment in Slumdog Millionaire. Both are good...which do you prefer?
Darren covers a number of scenes, though the shot from Unforgiven - not my favourite Eastwood, but fine nonetheless. And his analysis is excellent.
Jose took a look at a film I've never heard - of The Zone the shots look lovely and it seems interesting, but lack of knowledge doesn't make his entry any less interesting.

Ruth covers three scenes, all form Jane Austen adaptations. You know I love the British...and really who can resist Jane Austen+Kate+Keira and rain?
Amy covers three scenes, the one in Plesantville sticks out.

And I look at a moment in The English Patient - Fiennes, Binoche, Fitzgerald and rain. Lovely.

ADDENDUM: Twister covers Being John Malkovich...another moment I didn't see coming, and one that's brilliant. 
Thanks everyone for participating, and thanks to Jose for the idea! Who knew getting wet was so much fun?


Ryan T. said...

Rose in the rain! Wow. I love that scene/moment. Thanks for organizing all of this!

Can't wait to read everyone's entries.

Jose said...

Haha anytime Andrew, feel free to get creative with my insane tweets whenever you want.

All lovely posts and none were the scenes I was expecting which made it much cooler. Kate sure seems to like being wet huh?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan it was my pleasure.

jose your tweets are not insane. come on.

(and yes, kate loves getting wet.)

amy said...

I just re-watched Pleasantville, I still feel like the biggest scene was the one with the drive to Lovers Lane, it's still a good one though... the one with "just rain".

Thanks for the link back.

I had totally forgotten Enchanted had rain. xD

rtm said...

Thanks for organizing such a fun meme to write! And Ryan, I thought about that scene in Slumdog as well, but I wanted to stay with the Austen theme. Movie rain is lovely indeed!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a meme!

The Notebook, Titanic and the ending of The Perfect Storm were the first ones that popped into my mind when I heard about this meme - However Austen is a superb choice, which I hadn't thought of. Maybe once the new Jane Eyre is completed, there will be a new great rain scene!