Thursday, 12 August 2010

“Loved Getting Wet Just Now”: Blogathon

That was one of Jose’s tweets (of Movie's Kick Ass) earlier in the week. No, it wasn’t anything dirty – he got caught in the rain. Isn’t the rain lovely? And more lovely than actual rain….isn’t movie rain lovely? Gene Kelly devoted an entire number to it, after all. What’s your favourite moment of rain on screen? Don’t tell me…keep it to yourself and save it for the weekend. Nothing big, just a picture and a word, a line, a paragraph, an essay (if you’re loquacious) on why you like that particular moment of wetness. Just make sure you do it NEXT weekend (meaning from the afternoon of Friday 20th) and email me a link to your entry (title: wet blogathon). I’ll link up to all your posts on Sunday night – the 22nd.
So get ready, we’re getting wet next weekend. Spread the word!)
(Sorry if this is the scene you'll be focusing on...but I could not resist.)


Jose said...

The rain IS lovely.
Good that you used Gene, it'll force people to think out of the box!

Castor said...

Cool! Sign me up :)

Simon said...