Thursday, 19 August 2010

House Keeping Matters: (Action, Fantasy and Rain)

Due to travelling and eventual issues with the internet I’ve been more off than on the blogosphere this past week which means that I’ve failed to keep you updated on a few things.
Firstly, Heather (of Movie Mobsters) and Andy (of Fandango Groovers) were kind enough to let me take part in their Round Table Discussion – of sorts – discussing some great action flicks. The entry was up since Saturday, but in case you missed it now is as good a time as any to head over there and take a look at the submissions. I wrote a bit on my favourite Kurosawa film – Ran.
“It’s probably not the least bit ironic that the Kurosawa film that jumps out at me is the one that has relations to Shakespeare. Ran is an unlikely choice for an action flick conversation. It is one – it’s also a host of other things. Apparently it wasn’t his intention, but Ran plays out like an updated and ultimately bleaker and more morose of “King Lear”. Hidetora is the leader of the Ichimonji clan, unlike Lear he has lived his life as a ruthless warrior. Like Lear he decides, foolishly, to divide his estate among his three sons with hopes of retaining a modicum of power. Of course, things do not end as he hopes.”

Leon: The Professional and Die Hard were only a couple of the choices.
Next, if you’ve been visiting Castor’s Anomalous Material you’ve gotten wind of his Hollywood Fantasy Draft – a game that’s grown to enormous proportions in a matter of days. Bloggers are casting their own films (along with directors) and we’re drawing to the end of the seventh round. Due to my tardiness I ended up missing some choices – like Ralph Fiennes, grrr – but I’ve wracked up a good cast thus far including Helena Bonham Carter, Carey Mulligan, Jude Law and Kristin Scott Thomas; with Joe Wright directing. Go HERE to see everyone’s picks…thus far.
Finally, it shows how much bad karma I have that this was the week I was off the blogosphere, which meant I was unable to promote my quasi-blogathon which was inspired by kick-ass Jose of Movies Kick Ass, no less. As I said before, it’s nothing laborious. All I want is at least one screen-capture of any film scene involving rain and your thoughts on why you love that scene. A line, a paragraph an essay…really it’s up to you. It’s a weekend of rain blogging, so if you’re interested you have from Friday afternoon to Sunday midday to post your rainy thoughts (and email me your posts, my email is at the top of the page: title, WET BLOGATHON). Just in case you’re fishing for a choice…here are 15 films with some good rain scenes…if you’re stumped.
Bright Star / Cold Mountain / Dirty Dancing / Enchanted / Gosford Park / The Graduate / Home Alone / Howards End / Match Point / Minority Report / One Fine Day / Pride & Prejudice Sense & Sensibility / Something New / The Sound of Music
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Castor said...

Thanks for the link Andrew. I will be working on my rain scene later today.

rtm said...

Great meme idea, Andrew! I've always wanted to post my fave rain scene, so count me in. I'll be emailing you my link shortly.

MovieNut14 said...

Mea culpa. I'm the one who chose Fiennes when you were M.I.A..