Saturday, 14 August 2010

Happy 101 (…or An Evening with Sondheim)

I’m having a terrible day, so it’s as good a time as any to take note of the meme that has not been floating around the blogosphere. It’s all about happiness, my general nature is being generally acerbic…but I’m not above happiness. I’m doing something slightly different with the titles…you’ll realise what at the end. Click on the links…if you care to.
I’m prone to the occasional bout of what we could refer to as an existentialist crisis…nonetheless; I’m generally pleased to be alive. Sure, horrible things abound but in the larger picture the good outweighs the bad and there’s really no point in worrying, is there?

The Blogosphere
I still struggle at times to make the distinction between the real world, and the blogging one. Recently the real one’s been looking rather dismal, to be honest. I still don’t approach blogging as a job, regardless of what the rules say, and in its own way it’s been a big part of keeping me occupied and cheerful during my current vacation from jail school.
I’ll always be more interested in the fairer sex with it comes to motion pictures and such. I’m more likely to go see a movie for Cate Blanchett alone than for Jude Law alone (two of my favourites in their generation). Case in point: I’ve seen Robin Hood but I’ve not seen Repo Men. I don’t know…there’s just something great about seeing an actress doing her stuff on the screen, big or small, and yes – I think they’re more talented performers too.
Wasting Time
Though I get neurotic when it’s time for me to do something, I prefer when I have nothing to do. Of course, doing “nothing” for me means wasting time on the internet, listening to music, watching movies or reading anything I can get my hands on. For me that’s the ultimate day off. Few things could make me happier.
They deserve their own spot on the list because I’ll always be particularly indebted to them. They were my first passion (no pun intended). I still prefer them (slightly) to movies, even though watching a movie is relatively simpler. Even though I would hate having to choose between the two I wish books weren’t considered to be so pedantic all the time.
But not in that order
Actually, by children I mean my nephew. I’m an young Scrooge, truth be told, children exasperate me…but I have a softspot for my nephew – for obvious reasons. The art bit is more important – painting, writing, film, whatever. Creation is good and worthy of adulation.

Breaking All the Rules
I like digressing from the norm. I’m not a convict – or a convict in training. I’m rather good at keeping my deviant urges hidden, for the most part. But I hate following the rules. I have a definitive aversion to authority figures.
In the real world and cyberspace
Do I really need to explain this?
Lovely music. If you’re astute when it comes to theatre, you’ll notice each of the titles was from a Stephen Sondheim song. I’m a big fan of the man and of music in general. It was a bit inevitable, my father is a musician so we children grew up with it. I have little talent for music (I can’t remember to play the piano or the flute) but I do like listening to it. I’m open to all genres…music is just lovely.
And there you have it: ten things (and songs) that make me happy. Am I less dour than when the day started…yes, but that doesn’t say much. I’m not tagging anyone, I don’t know who. I really would like to see what makes some of you happy though…do if it you care to, that would make me happy too (no pics, I'm tired).

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Castor said...

I agree about actresses. I think there is more "potential" to emote and empathize at a deeper emotional depth. The main problem lies in the fact that there is so little good roles for women. Nice Happy 101!

PS: Andrew, time for you to make your pick! You are on the clock :)