Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Glee Meme, Day 8: Favourite Quinn / Puck Moment

The GLEE MEME continues...
I never expected them to become a real couple, even though in retrospect they’re kind of hot together. "Wheels" is arguably Salling’s best episode in the front 13 episodes (or maybe "Mash-Up") i.e. the episode where he actually gets a salient plotline. To pinpoint a moment in particular it would be cake fight in the Home-Ec Room. The Glee cast are so busy being old for their age that it’s nice seeing them be silly (remember “Jump”). It’s the first time I felt a legitimate connection between the two. And then there’s the moment where he gives her the stolen money. I’d been a moderate fan Quinn of fan before and Dianna works well here. For all his badassedness it’s nice seeing these moments where Puck is not mean and Quinn’s not fickle. 

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