Sunday, 29 August 2010

Glee Meme, Day 6: Favourite Rachel/Finn Moment

More as the Glee Meme continues.
For a considerable amount of time I didn’t like Rachel with Finn…rather I didn’t like Finn, period. I’ve warmed up to him as a character, considerably, I know Finn is hated. I don’t have any significant feeling towards him either way; he’s boorish at times and hilariously enjoyable at others. It wasn’t until the back 9 that I started feeling any legitimacy in the would-be relationship of the two, though. “Hell-O” was the turning point, in fact “Hell-O” was the turning point for Finn. I’m not invested in Glee for the romance, but I don’t know if was hearing him sing “Hello, I Love You” or maybe Santana was right: by dating a “hot pretty girl” like her he’d move from dumpy to cool. Either way, even though the two spend the episode arguing their moments are great. Rachel’s tearful words to him are a strongpoint for Lea and Finn’s realisation of why he should be with Rachel works because despite his faults Corey Monteith is able to make that spaced out mind of Finn’s seem logical – in Glee world, at least. Corey Monteith sleepwalked through the first thirteen – or maybe that was Finn – but he stepped up in the final nine, beginning with “Hell-O”. I guess Mr. Schuester was right; he needed a new “Hell-O”. I still don’t really care for them as a couple, but then I’m not interested in Glee for that stuff, really.
(I went way off tangent here with Finn, but I might as well write about him now. I probably won’t be again.)

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joe burns said...

This was a really good episode for them, but unfortuanately it started the Rachel/Jesse relationship which was horrible.