Friday, 27 August 2010

Glee Meme, Day 4: Favourite Solo

I probably love Glee so much because I’m a major music buff (inherited from my father who’s an actual musician). The MEME continues.

I don’t like Neil Diamond, I appreciate his music but he tends to annoy me – it’s probably years of seeing his Christmas Special more than thrice a year every year for most of my life. Still, Noah Salling singing “Sweet Caroline” was a nice surprise. I don’t even have any significant affection for the song, but it worked in more ways than one – and it’s nice to hear him sing alone, that’s rare. It’s never happened since (go figure). 

Speaking of Jewish greatness, Lea Michele’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is pure brilliance. She’s not Barbra, but she’s not supposed to be. The reason the covers on Glee manage to work is because they’re never attempting to copy the original. It’s her “moment” and it works because Lea completely delivers. She sings and she acts at the same time…that’s rare with young performers

[On a side note on the topic of Barbra and Funny Girl though, I’d call Idina’s rendition of Funny Girl better than Barbra (insert offended gasp). I’ve never really felt the song fit the musical – it was written specifically for the film. But Idina sort of rocked it with her “Theatricality” even if it doesn’t make my top 3.]

In the end I turn to another guest for my favourite solo though. There’s something moving about the lyrics for “Home” from The Wiz and though the choir provides back up – it’s a solo and one that impresses on all counts. It’s a moving moment, for April and because Glee loves to get moralistic on us it’s a given that they’re sending us a message. But I really don’t care Living here in this brand new world might be a fantasy….but it’s taught me too love, so it’s real to me.” Damn, those lyrics are incredibly saccharine and NOT badass, but damn if they aren’t still awesome. It works…it really really does.

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joe burns said...

All good choices, though I haven't decided who will be my pick... I have to catch up with the meme!