Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Glee Meme, Day 2: Favourite Male Character

The Glee MEME continues.
Like yesterday, this was a no-brainer for me. Mark Salling’s Puck is my favourite character of the entire show even though he’s woefully ignored oftentimes – which is odd, considering he has a music degree. Of the main twelve (fourteen if you add Santana and Britt) Salling had the toughest task in the front portion of the season, episodes which makes me even more appreciative of what he does with Puck and the thing is – it doesn’t get easier. It doesn’t take much to realise that Glee is deliberately creating pastiches of every high school show or movie (the dumb jock, the loud mouthed diva, the pocket gay, the mean jock), what makes it special is seeing how they deviate from the norm.
Naturally, it was “Preggers” where Puck starting seeming like someone to take note of. The babygate drama (who came up with that name?) had its moments of sheer ludicrousness but I didn’t hate it. Maybe it’s my general tendency to root for the baddies (from Spike in Buffy to Alex in Grey’s Anatomy to Karen in Will & Grace to Ryan in The Office) but I immediately understood Puck’s dilemma. Yes, he was the cheating best friend (a plot point that needed serious closure) but beneath his overt oafishness it’s not difficult to see that he’s not wicked without a purpose. He still has insecurities like the rest of them, which because I’m nepotistic I wish they’d examine more.  His sizeable part in Mash-Up is one of the reasons I love that episode so much. Still, Puck (or Salling) is constantly ready to bring the funny and deliver on the intense broodiness that is the Puckster. Add all that to the fact that he’s so obviously the best male performer on the show (except, maybe, for Morrison) it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Seriously, few things were cooler than his semi-solo on “The Lady & the Tramp”.
The writers seem most confused as to what to do with his character…they have taken the most missteps with…but I’ll examine them later in the MEME.
Are you convinced of Puck’s badassedness, or are you a doubter?


Robert said...

Ah, so well written! You're right, the writers have sort of screwed him over, but Mark Salling really does quite fantastic things with Puck and makes it work nonetheless. I really started to appreciate him more and more as the show went along.

joe burns said...

We agree again!