Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Glee Meme, Day 1: Favourite Female Character

And so another MEME begins. I can’t say I’m sorry.
Glee may have its problems, but I don’t think its characters (or characterisation) is one of them.
I’m glad the first day on the meme is so simple. Lea Michele’s loquacious, high maintenance and overachieving Rachel Berry is easily my favourite female of the ensemble. It’s difficult to divide favourite character from favourite performance and it’s no different here because I think Lea is arguably the strongest woman on the show, too. Still, despite being the de facto lead of the show, Rachel is always regarded with distaste. Really, she’s no more petty or conniving than her fellow Glee clubbers. The writers have searing moments of perspective (wish they were more consistent with that) and Rachel herself notes the issues with herself. When she tells Finn in “Hello-O” that he’ll only ever see her as the obnoxious girl who made a fool of herself in their first Glee Club rehearsal I think that she’s on to something – it’s the way most people seem to see her, in Glee world and in the real world. Rachel’s dedication to the club is infuriating at times but it’s laudable in its own ridiculousness.
Not that I’ll shy away from her obvious discredits. Of course her obnoxiousness is an obvious reaction to people’s opinions of her. It’s a bit like the egg and chicken dilemma…which came first? Even when she’s being painfully bizarre there’s lucidity to her thoughts that’s startling. It seems, though, that no matter how many good deeds she does Rachel will always be the crazy chick from Glee. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but Rachel Berry’s my favourite on Glee for the girls.
It’s a shame so few seem to give her credit.
What are your thoughts on Ms. Rachel Berry (and Lea)?


Jess said...

I too like Rachel the best. She doesn't get the funniest lines (all Brittany there), but she's the character with the most heart. She's annoying, but other than her inconsistency in crushes (and what high school girl isn't), I love her too.

joe burns said...

Yeah, she's my favorite, you'll no more when I do my post on her.

Colleen said...

Rachel is the heart of the show. She embodies The Glee Club. I wanted to choose Rachel, but I couldn't. I didn't have time to write mine today so I'll catch up tomorrow. I think I can support my choice.