Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I'm thinking of going back to Tennis lessons. I have not played tennis in about six years. It still is my favourite sport, I just haven't had time for it and all. I always get the tennis bug around this season, so it's no surprise that I feel like going back...and I actually think I will. For some reason whenever I think of tennis in film I always remember Alvy Singer and Annie Hall meeting in Annie Hall. I don't know why, you say tennis, I think Diane Keaton.
What movie do you think of when you hear the word tennis?


Tom said...

"Fletch" lol Also, I always think of that scene in "Big".

TomS said...

Andrew...funny but I think of "Match Point"...Woody Allen again! Also, in a bizarre way, "Blow-Up" (1966).

Alex in Movieland said...

Tennis has always been a fantasy of mine, however, unfortunately, I never tried it.
the lessons would be expensive and it's kind of embarassing at my age :P

I also don't think I have the upper body muscles (neither does Woody for that matter) needed to really be a pro :P