Monday, 12 July 2010

Oh, Marilyn!

Seriously? Not the slightest bit of resemblance there...? Or is it just me? For some reason Kate Heigl is loathed, which is unfortunate, because she is a good actress in search of a good role. On that note, head over to Yojimbo for a look at a lovely scene from All About Eve.


Walter L. Hollmann said...

Shia LaBeouf speaks out against a good film's weaknesses and is called a hero. A woman does the same thing and becomes the most hated figure on H'wood. Typical.

Anonymous said...

I'd never noticed the similarities, of which there actually are many!

And All About Eve? One of my favourite films and one of my favourite screenplays, and an outstanding cast, of course.

Karen said...

Heigl is more loathed by the press than the public though. Sure she has her haters but she has a lot of fans too. Count me as one of them. She is awesome.

Runs Like A Gay said...

That likeness is spooky.

Heather said...

I can't stand Heigl! I think most of her roles does women a complete disservice.

And no, there is no resemblance.

Castor said...

Heigl needs a taste of humble pie. I think her quick rise to be one of the handful of Hollywood female movie stars who can get a film green lighted has gotten to her head. There is a reason she has never had two movies with the same co-star, she is very difficult to work with.

Twister said...

Ugh, I can't stand this lady!

Has such a grating screen presence, and she's no great (or even good) actress -- she's just there annoying everyone.

Ryan T. said...

I quite like the actress. It was just her character Izzie on Grey's Anatomy who I loathed. With that said, she does need to pick better films to showcase her talents/appeal.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter that's the unfortunate thing, especially when her words were said in good spirit (and completely accurate, judd apatow's women are shrews).

roisin i've alwaus thought so, but it's that image above that brings out most (she looks like a young marilyn).

karen glad to see i'm not the only one.

runs like a gay yes.

heather i understand the argument that she's culpable for doing them, but she's no more at fault than the writers are - who everyone seems to give a free ride.

castor i don't know about her nothing doing more than one film with an actor but she was on this cw alien series (i can't remember the name) for some time and she was on grey's anatomy for 6 years. even when she had her issues with the writers the cast seemed to generally like her, and they seemed sad to see her go.

twister not even in grey's anatomy? or did you not watch that?

ryan i loved izzie. disliked her for a bit during season four, loved her again and then hated the way she left the show (it paints her as such a bitch). heigl is one of those rare people who can be realistically sad, but still be hilarious - i think. she really needs a role and needs to stop doing it for the money only (which is what i assume she's doing with stuff like 27 dresses and the ugly truth).

Marcy said...

I see the resemblance.

I thought Katherine Heigl was fine in Grey's Anatomy but I thought she was absolutely terrible in The Ugly Truth (along with everyone else in the movie).

I realize Heigl wants a career in the rom-com genre, but her disability to display any degree of relatable warmth as a female lead may lead to some problems, such as bad box-office, in the case of the recent Killers.

DEZMOND said...

I think people loathe Heigl because of her pathetic character in GREY'S ANATOMY, but I actually quite like her herself. And she does have that innocent cuteness like Marilyn.

The Floating Red Couch said...

To piggyback n DEZMOND -- not just Grey's Anatomy, but every role she gets seems to lack spine.

Poor girl. I can't believe they put her in a bed with Rogen. That's not right.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

marcy i didn't see the ugly truth. i hope she branches into more than rom-com. she can do better: says me.

dez i always thought people liked izzie?

ruben putting her in bed with seth rogen was a low blow.

DEZMOND said...

I personally found Izzie cute at the beginning and later on got bored with her constantly being mentally immature and never moving forward, but whenever I've talked with someone about the show or read discussions around the net and words of the moviegoers and TV fans, I've always seen that most people can't stand Izzie's character for being overpathetic and for her lack of emotional intelligence (speaking in psychological terms).

And I liked THE UGLY TRUTH even though the movie wasn't much itself, but I liked the chemistry between her and Gerard.