Thursday, 15 July 2010

Long Overdue 99 Cent Word Review: The Back-Up Plan, The Clash of the Titans

I saw both these releases over a month ago, and I couldn't muster up a credible review for either. So with 99 words a piece, here goes.
The Back Up Plan
Two months ago I said I liked Jennifer Lopez, Jose asked me why and it took me weeks to find an answer. I’m drawn to her personality. Yet, for someone emanating so much charisma Lopez has a bewildering propensity to choose the most frivolous films. The Back-Up Plan is an unfortunately rote exercise that borders on pointless. Certainly, most romantic comedies are about the journey – not the destination – but The Back-Up Plan fails on both counts – we know where it will end, and the journey there is pedestrian throughout. Lopez is still charming…but the film and characters? Less so.

Clash of the Titans
The Clash of the Titans features three actors (Postlewaite, Fiennes, Neeson) who were deserving of accolades for their acting 1993; they’re not doing their best work here. Despite all its attempts (and its mere 90 minutes running time), The Clash of the Titans is often oddly boring. Though well intentioned, it joins the ranks of other inoffensive and pointless derivatives of Greek Mythology with nothing new or special to see. Although I’m uncertain if Sam Worthington is headed to great things in the future, he is at least charming enough to make us interested (barely) throughout the film’s narrative.
I wouldn't exactly recommend you get either on DVD, did you see either in the cinema?


Fitz said...

I ignored both and feel much better about saving the money.

What happened to Jennifer Lopez? She was great in films like Out of Sight and The Cell. Hope she gets back to films like those.

Jose said...

Hahaha poor J. Lo.
I really don't see how Sam is charming, I wanna see him do something that doesn't include huge effects and an almost actor-proof story.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

fitz i hope so too actually. she has the money to make it happen, at least.

jose charming was probably the wrong word but i couldn't find a one-word synonym for "blandly cool guy that seems like he'd make a cool friend" :)

for some reason i think he'd make a good comedy lead.