Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It's Not Just Me!

Confession: I don't like watching movie trailers. I have no real reason, I just don't. The only trailer from last year I saw before I saw the film was Nine and Bright Star...other than that, no. If I must watch, I watch without sound - so the first trailer for any 2010 release I anticipated was a silent Never Let Me Go Trailer...of course the trailer that the internet has recently been abuzz with was that of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. In case you didn't know, I love these books. I know it's literary suicide to admit that (and from a Literature student, no less) but I do. I'm always saying that I'm looking forward to great things from the cast, none of them more than Rupert Grint, who I continue to maintain has a promising career ahead of him.
And I'm not the only touting Grint apparently, my favourite director Martin Scorsese has only recently pimped him HERE*. I feel validated...I mean, that probably made my month (yes the month has been going that horribly).
I still haven't listened to the trailer, but for those of you who actually watch trailers here it is.

I've broken down my five favourite things about it.
I almost screamed when I saw the shot above. If you read the book you know what's going on, if you haven't (what's wrong with you?) I won't spoil it. I will say, I'm so glad that that my darling HBC will get to have some fun. Yippee.
Perhaps it's because I too am sporting a beard, but I feel a sense of validation in seeing that the disheveled look is in. Though teen romance is not particularly poignant Grint and Watson do have great I'm interested to see what comes of their "romance".
I don't know what's going on there, but I just love that shot.

Confession: I love the Death Eaters. They're bad ass, they wear black and they're headed by one of the most talented Britons. What's not to love?

Another shot I love for no reason, I will miss the lack of Quidditch in the final chapters. It's grown on me...(and I will never forgive them from not giving me enough in The Goblet of Fire).

No matter how hard Daniel tries he cannot make this Bonnie girl a good actress (I refuse to check her last name). She's insufferable...why oh, why couldn't they have just let Harry end up with Luna? Watching The Half Blood Prince last week on reaffirmed how terrible she is...Ick.
I'm not the only one waiting for I?
*ADDENDUM: If you click on the link, you'll see that some sick person started the Scorsese/Grint rumour. Boy, the know to get me worked up. Sigh. As you were.


The Mad Hatter said...

Question number one - who is it in the trailer that's impeding the way of The Hogwarts Express?

Question number two - How do you avoid seeing trailers when you see a film in a theatre?

I'm with you though - I don't watch all that many, and I never watch them more than once. Once I'm sold, I'm sold...there's no reason to ruin the fun with overexposure.

Right now my aversion is actually turning into a fun little game - I call it "Avoidception".

Wild Celtic said...

I don't like the whole Ginny/Harry thing either. I think he should have ended up with Cho. Luna's too... looney. But I'll bet she loves good! hahahaha... I crack me up.

rtm said...

"Avoidception" Ha! I'm playing that game too, Hatter! I've only managed to read a few of the spoiler-free reviews but the less to know about it the better until the D-day!

As for trailers, sorry Andrew but I actually dig 'em, and I do like watching them over and over again if I like it. I do agree I should limit doing that for the overexposure reason Hatter mentioned.

Darn, shouldn't have read Celtic's comment, I've only got through the 3rd HP movie, so I don't know about the Ginny/Harry thing. Grrrrr!

Wild Celtic said...

rtm - Harry Potter movie? You have to read the books first! They are 100 plus a million times better than the films. The books are by and large more amazing than any film they've released.

Trust me.

Oh, yeah, and sorry about the spoiler.

anahita said...

are you KIDDING?? I LOVE trailers!! xD they're one of my favourite bits of the cinema experience, and I just adore featuring them on my blog, and some are just so well made *gushes* they rock!! :D anyway, I am uber looking forward to this. I must agree with you though, I don't mind harry and ginny in the books, but both are awful actors. dan especially. ugh. x

Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam) said...

I thought it was a pretty well-made trailer. I'm personally glad that they decided to split the last book into two movies. I just want this lackluster summer season to be over with..bring on the fall!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

hatter i don't know whose impeding the trailer (that was a WTF moment for me)...i vaguely remember ginny mentioning something about the train to school towards the end, i'm rereading with a fine teeth comb to see (obsessive much? yes) and on the trailer notes, guyana's theatre system is vastly different from yours. we don't have a "movie industry" which means no trailers (and i end up seeing more new films as screeners than in the cinema)

and on "avoidception" - i'm not going anywhere NEAR that trailer.

wild celtic i really liked the actress playing luna in the last film.

rtm READ THE BOOKS. i know i sound crazy, but they're lovely.

anahita i know you love trailers...and dan has grown on me, i'll post more in due time, but he has a niche that i didn't realise until the seeing hp6 again.

dreher bear YES on the split (though i wish it was THIS july and then THIS december). i want every little moment in there, or i will not be pleased.

Fitz said...

So much for Scorsese touting Grint. How do you get the balls to fabricate an interview with Scorsese.

Nick said...

Since when is it literary suicide to admit you love Harry Potter? Coming from somebody with a degree in English lit and who teaches English/lit, I don't see anything suicidal about admitting love for Harry Potter. Now, if you'd said Twilight, I'd have agreed. But Harry Potter? There are entire University-level courses dedicated to dissecting these books.

And yes. The trailer is awesome.

Red said...

As for the guy stopping the train, I believe I read somewhere that he's stopping it to "arrest" Luna, who I'll admit I love as well.

The third picture with just Hermione is her (and possibly Harry under his cloak) going to Godric's Hollow.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

fitz i've decided to let it go, marty may not have said it, but it's still true.

nick the literary suicide depends on who you talk to i suppose, though i'm not guilty about loving it.

red i realise that now about the godric's hollow thing. is it just me, though, or does it like neville's hero moment may have gone to harry at 1:50-1:52?

Red said...

See, when i first watched the trailer, to me it looked like Ron got Neville's hero moment, but someone else pointed out to me that Ron will be the one who destroys one of the horcruxes (whichever they steal from the bank).

For as much time that Neville has gotten in the movie series so far, I wouldn't think that they would take his big moment away from him, but who knows?

Nick said...

Red/Andrew: The moment in the trailer you're confusing is a weird mesh of Nagini attacking Harry at Godric's Hollow and Ron destroying the necklace Horcrux in the forest. Ron gets the necklace (which they get from the ministry, not from the bank. The one they get from the bank is destroyed by Hermione, I believe).

I seriously doubt they'll give Neville's moment to anybody but Neville, especially considering Matt Lewis has been talking about doing that moment for quite some time.

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

ugh, this will be another case of orgasmic cinematography and amazing line-deliveries from all those British thespians that helm the adult roles.

BUT Daniel Radcliffe...smh....I can't like him...I'm so sorry.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

red, nick yeah, ron gets the chain horcrux, hermione gets the bank one (though that was not directly shown in the book, don't know if they'll show it in the movie.

the reason i presumed that harry got the snake moment is because there's also a shot of harry and what looks to be a snake in the daytime, but i guess i'll wait and see what that is.

though i'm not a big fan of neville either way, i think it's necessary that he gets the moment because it salvages one of the two things i don't like about the book.
A) after book 4, harry seems somewhat infallible.
however B) all slytherin's are evil will never be addressed other than the odd snape or slughorn.

nigel on radcliffe, you sound like ana above.

Nick said...

Bah! After Snape, Neville is the best character!