Thursday, 22 July 2010

If Linkin’ You Is Wrong…

I don’t know about you, but this month has been particularly slow for me – I’m feeling out of it. It’s probably just me, though. Everyone else has been writing up good stuff.

It’s Emmy season and you’ll remember in my Dream Ballot I didn’t feature Mad Men too prominently. Rich Keller of TV Squad writes a great article on why he doesn’t love the show. No bashing, and I’m with him for the most part.

I'm still salivating waiting for the chance for me to see The Bening in The Kids Are All Right and Tom's review more than whets my appetite. I can't resist reading every review of this I can get my hands eyes on, so unlike me...

Because I'm similarly neurotic on occasion (i.e. always) Tim's list of inconsistencies in otherwise excellent films amuses me, especially the Beauty & the Beast one which ranks at the top of the list of egregious film errors.

I'll always have an affinity for the nineties, even though I was a babe for much of it. Luke takes a look at the Leading Ladies of the nineties (Oscar wise) - there truly were some great performances back then.

Ruben is nothing if not original and he's set up a grudge match pitting two sexagenarians - Blythe Danner and Helen Mirren - against each other. It's running until next week and he'd love to have some contributions from you.

Speaking of which, Movie Mania is interested in taking the baton up from Stinky Lulu. He's hosting a Smackdown for the Supporting Actresses of 2000.

Chris' piece is an oldie, but it's so nice to see people loving Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny one of the three excellent  female performances of the year that were not in Howards End (Pfeiffer's Catwoman and Sarandon in Lorenzo's Oil being the others).

I promised myself I woud not be featuring any Inception buzz (no false sentiment, and I haven't seen it) but this week old article from Nick is just too excellent not to link. I went off ranting on an entirely different tangent in the comments' section (shocker), but it raises some good points....
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Ryan T. said...

Not this month I've been terribly slow too. Didn't notice you slowing down though with your various posts!

Yojimbo_5 said...

I'm glad YOU said something because I am positively lethargic-I'm lucky if I get a couple posts a week up (like this week), and I've got some 40 films to write about and fill in in draft form. Regular writing is the key and fie on waiting for inspiration!

Keep 'em coming.