Thursday, 24 June 2010

What Do You Want From Me…?

…only versatility.
After the last streak of memes I figured that we’d all been “memed” out. Obviously, not.
I’ve been lucky enough (all things being relative) to be singled out by two bloggers for my versatility. In all my 18 months of blogging I’ve never used the word. I’m not quite sure what they mean when they tell I’m versatile, but I’ll surmise it has something to do with my mind hopping to and fro without order. Apparently they do give out an award for general craziness and hysteria. Joy.
Anna is a young up-and-coming blogger with a thirst for knowledge. She also happens to be one of the most prolific tweeters (twitterer?) I know and Darren of the M0vie Blog doesn’t grade his reviews, which means you’re forced to read his reviews. Luckily, they’re quite lucid and well written so it’s a win-win situation. Both of them are worth having on your blog roll.
I’m obliged to nominate fifteen blogs, I can’t say if they all will reciprocate with the meme rules, but here goes. I can't count pass ten…hopefully they haven’t been struck with the disease er, tagged yet. They all are versatile.
Luke of Journalistic Skepticism: because he covers everything from the big screen to the small screen to list making, and more list making and Meryl loving and…well, you get it.

Jude of And All that Film: he’s young but he’s enthused about the whole blogging thing (bless him) notes on theatre, notes on film and notes on TV
Ryan T. of Sorta that Guy: he loves Federer to a fault and all things Josh Whedon (especially a certain wicca named Willow)

Crazy Cris of Here and There and Everywhere: a bit obsessed with the tube, and football and European things especially Spanish (particularly Nadal)

Rachel of Rachel’s Reel Reviews: recently began a podcast with Jess and is always skipping back and forth between film and TV with a very cool rating system.
Jess of Insight into Entertainment: A West Wing aficionado and a Friends lover that I'm now getting to know
Yojimbo of Let’s Not Talk About Movies: smart but personable, well written but simple to understand. If that’s not versatility…
Walter of The Silver Screening Room: a big fan of Drew Barymore, ALW and Glenn Close (but I don’t know in what order). Goes to film school and will blog about anything…or else…
Tom S. of Reinvention, the Journal of a Dog Lover...: Thoughtful essays on film and on platitudes of life (that end up seeming inventive). 
And now on to some random intimation that makes me lose a little bit of my privacy, in keeping with the theme it shall all be very versatile.
1: I consider William Wordsworth to be the greatest poet of all time. I suppose today his “traditional” romanticism does not seem as innovative as some of the more contemporary rule-breakers, but I have special place in my heart for him. He can be light (and lithe) and carefree and then move to moving and poignant in one line.
2: On the note of artists, I’d probably say Stephen Sondheim is the greatest musician (at least of the last century). I’m never sure if I prefer his words or his music but they’re all so excellent together or alone. He’s worked with so many of the greats and has become a great himself – deservedly so.
3: One of my nicknames in high school was “The Human Dictionary”. I probably don’t need to deign to explain, Univarn recently told me I’m notorious for my big words which are never deliberate. I know they say people who use big words have some complex, but I just like the variety of the English Language.
4: I generally alternate between moments of excessive obsessive compulsion and moments of not caring at all. One thing I’m particularly neurotic about is school, which I hate but I still obsess over it. I’m an anomaly of a student, I don’t study regularly, I skip classes but I still end up doing quite well. I’m sensing my bad deeds will catch up with me sometime.
5: I’m infamous for hating (my) birthdays. I can’t remember when it started, but I was ill-fated enough to watch The Hours on one of them and ever since then Laura Brown just haunts my days (…and what’s to celebrate about the aging process, anyway?).
6: I may have said this before, but post-Shakespeare I’d say Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams are possibly my favourite playwrights of all time. I know Eugene O’Neill is often identified with them, but I generally loathe the man. I just find him to be a chore (“Strange Interlude? Ick.)
7: I said this on Heather’s blog recently; I’ve never seen a movie with my father. It’s weird, and embarrassing. We don’t live together, but we’re not estranged. I shall be rectifying that in due time. Incidentally, I’m always forcing my mother and sisters (and my nephew) to watch movies. My mother loved Places in the Heart, one of my sisters still thinks Streisand’s “So Long Dearie” in Hello, Dolly! is one of the greatest bits of comedic timing and the other one believes that Dangerous Liaisons has some of the greatest lines of the cinema.
There, take that for your inquisitiveness. 

ADDENDUM: Silly me, I didn't realise that the lovely Heather of Movie Mobsters tagged me too. I've been commenting on Heather's site very crazily this month, it started off as a shameless attempt to win the $10 I-tunes giftcard and then I realised that hers was actually an excellent blog (I'm glad I got around to following her and her Mobster Family).


Mike Lippert said...

You've gone above an beyond the call of duty by not only tagging people, but giving them praise to go along with it. Just shows what a stand-up guy you are.

Wild Celtic said...

I totally agree with #5. I don't really like celebrating my birthday. It's always been a disappointing and unfun day for a good portion of my birthdays. I'm also not one to like the attention of people focused on me - I don't juggle, sing or entertain so I always feel obligated to feign either surprise, excitement or some other emotion, when I'd rather relax, be quiet and ponder the last year while looking forward to the next.
Great post, indeed. Agree with Mike.

Yojimbo_5 said...

Andrew, you make me blush with your praise. That's a very nice things that you said, even if you DID give me a case of the Screaming Meme's.

I'll do it, I'll give a peak behind the curtain, and anyone I'm following (and a few I'm too lazy to have put up yet I'll pass along...I can't pass it back to you, can I?);)

CrazyCris said...

I am NOT obsessed with football!!! Just the World Cup!!! :p

But yes with Nadal! And Federer... it's not everyone who gets to admire tennis history in the making! Speaking of which... did you hear about the 11h match at Wimbledon this week? Yikes!

I'll do a draft post to remind of the meme, but no chance in doing it for another week or so... still too much to write about the Hogueras, Alicante's crazy burn everything down summer holiday, and have friends visiting this week! But will do it at some point! :o)

I'm almost with you on the birthdya thing. Don't hate them but they do make me uncomfortable as I don't like being the center of attention...

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

mike me? stand-up-guy. thanks for that compliment.

wild celtic you put it so excellently.

yojimbo i like giving compliments (especially when they're true)

cris seriously, NO pressure on the meme. it can get a little taxing (shhhh, don't tell anyone i said that though, my fallibility must be kept secret).

Heather said...

Umm Dangerous Liasons does have some of the greatest lines, but look who they are delivered by.

Malky and Close at their utter best. Both are divinely wicked and the film is wrought with a powerful subtle and otherwise when it wants to be, sexual fervor. LOVE THIS MOVIE ANDREW.

We must be kindred spirits.

Ronan said...

Can you recommend any of wordsworth's poems? I tinker with a bit of poetry myself from time to time. Was toying with the idea of opening a poetry blog but I just don't have the time to commit to it seriously at the minute.