Tuesday, 8 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 8: A Show Everyone Should Watch

Picking Friends again would be too easy, and really Friends is not for everyone. When I hear the phrase “everyone should watch” I get nostalgic – because I’m like that. My six year old nephew has made me become reacquainted with so many shows from my childhood, and if there’s one that’s for everyone it’s Sesame Street. An atypical choice? Perhaps.
Sesame Street will forever hold the monopoly on educational entertainment even though it wasn’t my favourite childhood show (more to come later in the series). It’s one of the few (perhaps the lone) children’s show that’s appealing to children without being condescending. It’s difficult to categorise Sesame Street as show, at heart it really aims at educating children but within all the numbers and letters of the day it’s filled with so many interesting characters I can’t help but laud it’s consistency. True, I always find Big Bird a little annoying; but the dynamic between Bert and Ernie is always enjoyable to watch and Oscar the Grouch is an interestingly complex character (well, for a children’s show anyhow), Grover’s narcissism never fails to amuse me and of course Elmo always manages to steal the show – especially when all those celebrity guests come to visit.
I’ve heard persons confess to having learned English from watching Sesame Street, which I suppose shows that at the root of it all it’s really about learning. Still, if I see an episode of it on chances are I’d sit down to watch. What that suggests about my level of intelligence? I don’t know, that’s dubious. But I think Sesame Street is one of those shows everyone should watch at least once. Is there anyone’s who hasn’t?
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Robert said...

Aww, what a great choice! Gosh, now I'm getting nostalgic. :P

Luke said...

Ah, Sesame Street. Unfortunately, I just caught a bit of an episode the other day, and it's changed far too much. I miss the real Cookie Monster, alas...

Jose said...

So cute.
The Spanish speaking version always freaked me out though.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert ha. i'm glad you are.

luke i actually haven't seen a new episode, they're always showing reruns of the old times here.

jose that would freak me out too.