Monday, 7 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 7: Least Favourite Episode of Your Favourite Show

Confession: I hate this day in the meme. It seems almost offensive for them to ask me which episode of Friends is my least favourite. Haven’t they realised that I love the show voraciously? Of course they don’t, the persons who invented this meme (wherever they are) didn’t know I was going to be doing it – but I digress.
It was difficult doing this because few episodes in the series stand out to be as particularly poor, but eventually I settled on The One With the Memorial Service. It’s not exactly a bad episode – I don’t think any episode was particularly poor – but I have some issues with it. The most notable clunker is the main plot, after some ridiculous hijinks (is that even a word) Ross creates a profile for Chandler, getting in contact with his college colleagues, and reveals that Chandler is as gay as the day is long. That line is a classic, the episode is not. Chandler retaliates by claiming Ross has died and thus a memorial service is held for the “dead” Ross. Naturally, a pretty girl he likes is there and he ends up blowing his cover.
The main plot doesn’t do anything to stretch the writers’ leg. The humorous bits, though funny, are merely rote humour by now. It’s one of those rare moments where the comedy adds little to the fabric – and really I hate the episodes where Ross turns into a schumck. I suppose, by the standard of everything else on TV it’s not that bad. Still, for Friends it doesn’t make me laugh as much.
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