Saturday, 5 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 5: A Show I Hate

One show came to mind as soon as I heard the words TV and hatred. Of course, I’m not focusing on realities shows because Dancing With the Stars would have been an easy target for condemnation. But still, focusing on scripted shows there are some that annoy me to no end - My Wife & Kids, That’s So Raven, Touched By An Angel but I wouldn’t like to obliterate any of them (and their remains) as much as I’d like to do it to a certain CBS comedy that for some reason continues to be something of an Emmy magnet.

How I loathe Two & A Half Men. Simply put, that is it. I don’t think I’ve ever really grasped the appeal of CBS comedy. Sure I’ll enjoy a random episode now and then of How I Met Your Mother - but it’s hardly considered a favourite of mine (even though NPH really should have that Emmy by now). But I don’t find any CBS show as clunkily put together as Two & A Half Men. It’s one of the two reasons for my hatred. I remember being vaguely impressed by Angus T. Jones when he was in See Spot Run (remember that one?) but in Two & A Half Men between Jon Cryer and the Charlie Sheen he’s just another addition to an irritating venture. It’s one of those shows where the “in studio” audience’s laughter makes me nonplussed as to the hilarity. The show just meanders through from boring episode to boring episode. Someone, I can’t recally who, once referred to the show as provocative. If provocative meant loathing, I suppose they’re on the right track.
My initial hatred of Two & A Half Men is only exacerbated by the success it finds at the awards. Jon Cryer’s Emmy win last year was my least favourite moment of the show, and after Kristin Chenoweth’s delightful Emmy win it seemed the Academy took a thousand steps backwards. Charlie “can’t act” Sheen does nothing to raise the bar of comedy on television and I’m not sure why Two & A Half Men is so often referred to as American’s #1 comedy? Is it really? Maybe I’m alone on a limb here; perhaps I really am missing something. Nonetheless, I hate it. Enough said. 
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Jess said...

I spent a long time hating it too, but was visiting family who loved it (somewhere in the 3rd or 4th season) when Melanie Lynsky was still part of the cast. It was funny, over the top, and stupid. So I kept watching. The past two seasons have been painfully awful (in a way I can't stop watching). If I need DVR space it gets deleted without watching, but I'm kind of intrigued by how off the original it can get. Good write up.

Univarn said...

For me this show has always been the solid lead in for Big Bang Theory (though I know it's not really meant that way). I enjoy it, and sometimes get a great laugh. But on Monday nights at 9 when there's nothing else I care about on it works for me.

This fall with Big Bang Theory moving to Thursday (which means I'll be stuck dvring it with Bones at that same time), I'm not sure if I'll watch it regularly or not. This past season they've seem stuck on what to do with the characters. They need to give them something new to do and deal with. Lose the repetitive humor some.

Danny King said...

I found the first couple seasons of this show to be somewhat tolerable, but is has since turned into, frankly, an awful piece of television.

Simon said...

God, I hate this show. I mean, it's just so trashy and creepy and gross and horrible.

That is all.

Marcy said...

I don't really know how I feel about Two and a Half Men.

For the longest time, I couldn't get through a single episode of the show. I see it on reruns on a local channel all the time and I just thought to myself, I HAVE TO SEE AN EPISODE OF THIS IN ORDER TO HATE IT. Because that's the way I roll. And I'd feel guilty if I hated on something without actually watching an entire episode of it.

So I finally forced myself to watch this show (along with some rope, duct tape, and super glue...just kidding) and while it's kinda terrible, it's not that terrible? I mean, the humor is kinda sadistic and mean-spirited in a way, but at the same time, it's kinda...stupid and endearing at the same time? I kinda see the appeal, though I won't ever watch it regularly?

I actually think Jon Cryer is pretty good in the show, though Charlie Sheen's acting is nothing short of incredibly lazy.

And the Half Man is a Full Man now. Show, if not canceled (probably won't since it's a highly rated comedy) needs to be renamed.

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Jose said...

I find it so unfunny and the theme song has got to be the most annoying thing ever made for a TV show, especially when its fans try to "sing" along with it.

Rachel said...

I don't care for it either. Very unfunny. Back in the day when I went to the gym, this show was always playing in syndication on one of the tvs. Thank God for iPods.