Saturday, 26 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 26: Season Finales (OMG, WTF?)

My oh my. What a question, I've read a few titles for this day (skimmed is more the word) and I see the types they've chosen and I'm really at a loss as to what to pick. I'd always had three season finales on my mind, though I'm still not sure they're the best season finales or the most shocking. There's "The Gift" the season finale for Buffy, the Vampire Slayers Season Five. Then, there's the two parters "Deterioration of the Flight or Flight Syndrome / Losing My Religion" the Season Two closer from Grey's Anatomy and "Goodbye for Now/One Wonderful Day" from the First Season of Desperate Housewives. However they'll rank on the list of great performances they really are three excellent season closers.
You know I don't like choosing so I'll do a quick recap of each finale and tell you why they're OMG, WTF worth. They may not seem so shocking, but watching it makes you see it more. Still here goes -  beginning with Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy: Season Two Finale
Backstory, in case you don't know the show is about surgical interns. At the moment Izzie Stevens (an excellent Kate Heigl) is cutting Denny, her boyfriend's, LVAD wire because unless his condition worsens he will lose the chance of getting a donor heart and he may give up on life and head in to the light. WTF? I think so too...
Breaking it down, it goes like this - It opens with what we learned in the last episode. Burke has been shot OMG. Meredith has joined George with Izzie and Cristina informs them of Burke's test. Dr. Bailey, their resident, finds them all breaking rules and orders them out but Izzie shouts them down refusing to leave (W.T.F). Alex is at another hospital waiting for the tests to confirm whether Denny is critical or not, but the rude attending there refuses to wait (WTF). Eventually, though more lies, he does get the heart and Dr. Hahn grudgingly returns to Seattle Grace to take part in the surgery since Burke is incapacitated. Burke might not be able to use his hands again and Derek must perform on him (OMG). Denny gets the new heart, but for punishment the interns must help the Chief-of-Surgery's niece pull of a ridiculous prom (OMG - seriously?). Denny asks Izzie to marry him even though he's NEVER seen her outside of the hospital (WTF). All are called in for questioning, but no-one spills the beans even Alex, who Izzie dumped him to hook up with Denny. Eventually though Denny dies because of a blod clot (O. M. G.) and Izzie cries through the entire of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" eventually quitting the hospital surgical programme (WTF). Oh, and Derek and Meredith have sex in a closet and the episode ends with her there, unable to decide to choose between him and her current boyfriend (WTF - who the hell wouldn't pick Chris O'Donnell over sleazy adulterer McUnDreamy?)
Desperate Housewives: Season One Finale
Backstory:  Somebody killed Deirdre, Mike's ex-fiancee from a decade ago and he's intent on finding the murderer. He believe it is Paul Young, who happened to kill another neighbour who was blackmailing his wife Mary Alice - leading to her suicide. Bree and her husband Rex are about to be separated (he's been unfaithful), her pharmacist is poisoning him to death, but no one else knows. Tom's ex-girlfriend is working at his company again and his wife is jealous and Carlos may be going to jail for some white-collar crime. Okay, good. Susan is walking around the street being her usual annoying self.
Rex gets a heart attack, but Bree is being passive aggressive and makes the bed before she drives him. (WTF). She realises it's serious and checks him in. Gabrielle suggests to Carlos that the baby she's carrying may not be his and he freaks out and attacks their new gardener, who's gay (WTF). Lynnette's ridiculous jealousy makes Tom lose his job (WTF! OMG!). Paul Young's son Zach is staying with a nosy neighbour Felicia, the sister of the woman Paul killed, who shields him from his father's location (she has actually sent Mike out to kill him OMG). Zack goes berserk when she doesn't tell him the truth and bludgeons her until he gets it (WTF! OMG!). The new neighbours arrive and though Edie sold them the house they refuse to let her show them around (WTF!). Susan's constant ridiculousness leads her over to Mike's house where Zack is waiting with a gun, she's trapped there for the rest of the episode (OMG). Rex's doctor realises that he has too much potassium in his blood and Rex immediately thinks Bree is poisoning him. He writes a note of forgiveness and dies, Bree receives the news cleans her cupboard of silverware and then sits down to wail (OMG). Gabrielle testifies that she was making her husband jealous which is how the mix-up came about, but her original gardener shows up and tells Carlos the news in court, who attempts to beat him up (WTF). Wait: there's more. We learn that Mary Alice and Paul took Zack to a new town when his druggie mother sold him to them. She returns three years later clean and wanting her son. A scuffle ensues and Mary Alice kills her (OMG WTF OMG WTF). They put the body in a box and put it out to sea. When Mike learns the truth from Paul he does not kill him, but goes home not knowing that Zack is there waiting with a gun (OMG).
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer:  Season Five Season Finale
Backstory: Glory is super evil, that's really all you need to know and she's planning on destroying the world by opening a portal that Dawn, Buffy's sister's, blood is the key to; hence Dawn is being held captive. Tara, Willow's girlfriend, has gone catatonic due to Glory's wiley ways.
The one way to stop the world is to kill Dawn, Buffy of course refuses. The gang decide then their best option is to avert the time of Glory's attempt since the world can only be stopped at a particular time (WTF). Xander proposes to Anya, who tells him to wait until the end of the world doesn't happen - OMG. Spike is finally allowed back into Buffy's house and the two share a heart-to-heart (OMG, so nice). The usual fighting hijinks ensue and there a lot of OMG moments (like Giles murdering Ben) but it's the end when Buffy KILLS HERSELF to save the world and we're all left doing a collective OMG WTF (this is the SECOND time she dis). Damn, I love this show.
Okay, that was one big splat of verbosity. This MEME is killing me, but I love it.


Darren said...

I always had a soft spot for the Buffy-kills-Angel finale myself.

That and The Best of Both Worlds, but I'm a Trekkie. That shot of the camera panninga round Riker as he faces his former Captain and he slowly gives the order. "Mister Worf," he begins, "Fire."


Heather said...

Darren stop stealing my answers. That is my favorite Buffy finale as well. Utter lovesick torture. And the theme of solitude and lonlieness ensues.

Series Finale? Dollhouse rocked my socks off. Balled my eyes out like a baby. The whole carver storyline on Nip/Tuck before that show turned into a soap opera.

And the season one finale of Justified was just ridiculous.