Tuesday, 22 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 22: Favourite Finale

I forgot to do a writeup for this day of the meme, so I'm doing it with only a few minutes to spare. I was planning on writing on "The Last One" Friends or "Everyone's Waiting" Six Feet Under. Both excellent finales, but I wanted to focus on one that was even more profound "Chosen", the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm not sure if Buffy would be regarded as a suphero, but if she is then this show is one of the best incarnations of a superhero.
Buffy and company must battle The First regarded as the ultimate evil being. The last half of the seventh season prepared for this seismic event with a host of potential slayers turning up in town in event of Buffy's death (again). The penultimate episode saw the return of Angel who gives Buffy an amulet that will be instrumental in her fight against The First. If you want a detailed synopsis of the episode, go HERE.
Buffy ends with a bang, literally. Yet, the beauty of the episode is more than the razzle dazzzle. Notice how the show is named after her? This has always been our look into Buffy's life and her growth and we watch her grow up in the season ultimately becoming an adult (finally, I might add) in this episode. She's never gotten the chance to be normal and the fact that the fate of the world not being on her shoulder is a great reason for this.
What's more, it ends with the characters going out just as they should. SPOILERS. It's just like Spike to be all bad ass and go out saving the world. Not necessarily because he's such a philanthropist, and perhaps not even because he loves Buffy so much (which he does). It's in Spike's nature to see things to the end, and his wearing the amulet is the only natural thing to do. It's sad, a little, but in retrospect it all works.
On the surface it seems as if "Chosen" is only interested in the big things, but when that final shot of Buffy smiling at the sun is seen we know that we've witnessed something big and important but something precipitated by the small and emotional. It's an excellent way to go out, and after seven years...what more could we have asked for?

This is all MEME related....still in the process of exams (two down, three to go), so excuse the incosistency in posts.


Adam M. said...

I'm a huge Buffy fan, but I did not like the finale at all--or much of the final season, for that matter. The end felt rushed, sloppy, anticlimactic, and utterly predictable--far from the finest moments in the Buffy canon. It didn't feel like it honored the show's characters or considerable legacy; it was just a final speed-bump before the ultimate credit scroll.

I don't think it gets any better than Six Feet Under's finale. It was a fitting conclusion to the story, a heartfelt tribute to the characters and the show, and a beautiful peak in dramatic consequence. That's what a finale should be: a smart end to the narrative, a love-letter to the show and its many characters and components, and a new stratus of genius--setting the bar a bit higher one last time without redefining the formula.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Aaaaaaaw, sucks. But at least we agree on the excellence of Six Feet Under and its finale. It was a beauty.